A Trashy Story


We have arrived at May. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is feeling a little frosty today and has turned down the temperatures here in Winnipeg. It was so incredibly disappointing to have to pull my work pants out of hibernation. 

While the rest of the world is celebrating their Friday, I am sitting here on a street corner waiting to start work. A woman just approached me and asked if I could help her retrieve her bus pass which she accidentally dropped into the trash can. I could see it clearly laying there on the bottom and the trash around it appeared to be just paper. 

I reached my arm in very carefully so as to not touch anything. Slowly my arm went deeper into the bin as my fingers got closer and closer to the pass.  Just as I was about to grab it I bumped a cup causing the pass to land flat on the bottom of the trash bin. I knew at this point there was no turning back and I had to help this woman retrieve her valuable transit pass. 

I extended my arm and tried to get one of the corners of the pass to lift just enough to get a grip on it, but it wasn’t going to cooperate. I held my breath in anticipation of whatever my hand was going to contact as I used my fingernail to get under the ticket to lift it up. Sure enough, I felt something sticky touch my finger. 
I have no idea what I touched, nor did I leave my hand in the garage bin long enough to find out. I grabbed the pass and handed it back to the very thankful woman. 

Have you ever had to do something for someone that you dreaded doing, but did it anyway because it was the right thing to do?


Why does it feel like we are going backwards?

I am beginning to get my doubts if we are going to get summer anytime soon. The snow melted so incredibly early this year, but spring is failing to fulfill its seasonal duties so that we can move on to summer. The trees are also showing their impatience by showing signs of budding, but they haven’t yet grown their leaves. 

I am basing all my impatience on the cold weather we have been experiencing here in Winnipeg. Last night was -10 celcius (14F). It was way too cold for this time of year. I had already put away my winter clothes, but was forced to retrieve them yesterday. It was incredibly disappointing. 

On the bright side, at least it didn’t snow. It is still a bit on the cold side today, but thankfully I didn’t have to wear a jacket to work this afternoon. 

I am very eager for summer to arrive as I feel like we didn’t really get a decent summer last year. The five things I’m looking forward to most this summer:

  1. Enjoying the patio at Earl’s on Main Street
  2. Going to Grand Beach to get some swimming and tanning done (and enjoying the hot shirtless men)
  3.  Walking through the English Garden at Assiniboine Park
  4. Getting ice cream as many days as possible 
  5. Pulling out the roller blades and finding some awesome trails to explore

What are you looking forward to doing most this summer?