Take 2


Day two of being 29 was equally relaxing as the first. There was also a lot of recovery that happened from the bonfire. It was apparently way more fun than I remembered. 

I was supposed to do coffee with a friend who forgot to write our “date” down in his calendar. As a result, I rolled over and went back to sleep after not receiving a confirmation text message that he was awake. 

It ended up being a blessing in disguise to be able to lounge around and not have to take on the responsibility of getting out of bed before noon. I didn’t do anything until mid-afternoon at which point I had to get ready to go meet my family for the annual birthday dinner. 

It was a great evening sharing dinner at Montana’s. I even earned a $20 gift card from them after our server made an error on our bill that I didn’t notice until after we had paid. The food was delicious and the time shared with my family was priceless as always. 

My youngest foster brother then invited me to join them at his lacrosse game. We all piled into the truck and headed off to Fort Richmond. It was amusing trying to give my parents, who live outside of the city on a farm, instructions on how to drive in the city on multi-laned roads that add and delete lanes without much notice. 

We ended up taking a bit of a scenic tour around the University of Manitoba since my instructions weren’t clear enough about which lane my dad needed to be in. The important part is we made it to the arena without getting into an accident. 

I only stayed through the first period of the game since I was tired from being old and staying out the night before past 10pm. I got to see my brother score a goal before I departed, so that was pretty cool. The score was 2-0 when I left so I’m assuming they won.

So far I have had two quality days as a 29 year old. If things keep up like this, it is going to be an awesome year. Stay tuned for more adventures. 

Missing: Date Night

Matt & Mike

In the same way that our culture has evolved, so too has the way that we date a future partner. Relationships develop and move at a much faster pace.  Why do relationships move so quickly, and can we protect our relationships from fizzling out?

Previously, the way in which we met potential partners was through face-to-face meetings.  We were limited to our circle of our acquaintances and those circles of friends and family.  However, with improved access to the internet and cell phones, our circle of friends have expanded exponentially.

As technology enhanced people’s addiction to information, we have applied this craving to knowledge about future partners.  Instant messaging allows us to quickly assess total strangers and interview potential partners. Social media applications also provide us a massive list of potential partners to consume.

With this rapid access to information, we can gauge our partners at a quicker rate than ever before.  While old practices such as courtship are not generally used, perhaps there are some positive aspects that we can bring apply to our current-day relationships.

I propose we back dating.  Whether we just met a prospective partner or have been living together for many years, creating special moments together are important to keep our relationships invigorated outside of the home.  Here are a few ideas:

1. Geocaching

Geocaching is a free outdoor activity that you can share with a partner by using a GPS-enabled device to find different hidden containers or geocaches in cities all over the world. You can download the geocaching app onto your iPhone or Android, and after a free registration begin searching for your first cache in a matter of minutes.  You will be amazed at how close you are to the nearest cache!  Go to www.geocaching.com and happy hunting.

 2. Museum

Visiting a museum can be a fun way to learn about our history, and also gives us the opportunity to explore our partners past though stories they share from their families past.  Perhaps their grandparents were pioneers or soldiers and used various pieces of equipment that are now showcased in the museum.  A trip through the past may provide you both an enhanced journey.

3. Art Exhibit

Beauty is different to each one of us, and going to an art exhibit can provide you with an opportunity to learn more about your partner’s likes and dislikes.  Abstract art work can provide us with a way of expressing different feelings and emotions, and sharing those thoughts and emotions can be a very intimate experience.

4. Restaurant Block

If you want an easy way to have a number of dates with your partner, choose a city block or a street and make it a goal to try every restaurant in your chosen area.  Each week you select the next restaurant down the street until you have completed it.  This is a fun way to not only get to know your partner, but share the experience of getting to know your neighbourhood together.

5. Sports Event

Going to a professional sports game can be an expensive night out.  Why not go cheer on the local University or College team?  These games provide a much different atmosphere at a much lower cost and can provide you with special memories.  Plus you will be supporting the local community.  It is win-win.

Hope this provides you with some new ideas.  If you have more, share them in the comments below.

Happy Dating!