Getting the Car Ready for Winter


I have been putting it off for far too long, so long in fact that I actually smashed my car into a curb. I thought that I just knocked the alignment out, but it turns out that I scratched my tire rim pretty badly and bent the steering arm for my front axle.

Needless to say, I finally made the long trek out to my parents farm and put winter tires on my car. I always feel like it is a way bigger task than what it actually turns out to be. I figured that I would need at least four hours to change my tires over, but apparently it only took an hour.

Now, you might be wondering to yourself why I would expend so much effort on changing my tires every season. If you have never had winter tires, you may not understand how much better they work in cold weather, in snow, and on ice. However, the difference in driving is very black and white.

Winter tires are manufactured with softer rubber which provides better traction at colder temperatures. They also typically have a much deeper tread depth in order to maintain control through the snow. Also, your tires will last longer as you will only be using them half the year.

This year, Manitoba Public Insurance has offered the opportunity to finance your winter tires. They are offering financing for up to $2,000 to eligible Manitoban’s to purchase tires, rims, tire pressure monitoring systems and much more. If you have already purchased your tires, you may still be eligible to apply for reimbursement through the Winter Tire Loan Program. For full details, click here.

Drive safe this winter.

A day at Nikiska

This weekend I had the opportunity to drive a bus charter up to Nakiska for the day. It was for a group of international students that were in Calgary, Alberta, Canada studying oil and gas to work for various companies around the world.

Nakiska is located on Highway 40, about 15 min south of Highway 1.  The short drive 45 minute drive from Calgary makes this the perfect opportunity for a day of skiing.

Nakiska was one of the Olympic sites for the 1988 Winter Games.  It was named after the cree word “to meet.”  Featuring over 1,000 acres for you to explore, there are over 70 trails ranging in difficulty from beginner to black diamond runs.  There are four chair lifts and two magic carpets to take you up this 735 meter (2,412 ft.) slope.

There is a mid-mountain lodge available serving burgers, hot beverages, and most importantly beer.  At the base of the hill there is also lodge with plenty of seating for you and your family to enjoy a Starbucks coffee or something from the Slopeside Deli.

If you are after a proper sit down meal, the Finish-Line Lodge has you covered.  The menu has put a unique twist on some popular favourites.  I had the opportunity to try the chicken quesadilla, which was made with apples in the blend and served with a house-made cranberry salsa.  The staff was really friendly and made sure that everything was served to perfection.  Thankfully, my server also notified me of their “no-refill” policy on soda.  If only she had told me this before I spent $3 on my glass of Coke and drank half before my food came.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy the hill as I was working, but I look forward to making a trip out here skiing soon.   Have you been to Nakiska?  What is your favourite part of this hill?

Changing Seasons, Changing Paces


Fall has come to a rapid ending yesterday with the first winter storm of the season in Calgary. Luckily, I haven’t had to work since the snow has fallen and have essentially been hiding inside from the frigid -5C (23F). I know there is much worse to come, but for now I’m going to pretend that this is as bad as it is going to get.

This morning has been incredibly relaxing. I couldn’t sleep so I ended up on the couch at 6:00am. I watched the world around me slowly wake up as I sat on the couch sipping my coffee. It has been incredibly peaceful as the television still hasn’t been turned on.

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t has a moment to just stop and relax. This morning has been like a gift to just sit, reflect, and enjoy the wonders of our existence.

Do you have a special routine or activity you like to do to take a break from the business of our lives?