The Most Unusual Christmas

The Most Unusual Christmas.jpg

What an interesting Christmas day I had!

I have worked in a job that requires shift work for at least the last 10 years.  As a result, I usually end up choosing to work on Christmas Day so that someone who values spending December 25th with their family can have the day off.

My family has always done our big family dinner on Boxing Day (December 26), which I wasn’t able to get off this year (but yet I could have had Christmas Day off if I wanted).  I’m a little disappointed that I have to head into work here shortly, but I am sure that it will be a much better day than yesterday.

The people that I encountered yesterday for the most part were super nice, but there was at least one person every hour that was a definite grinch.  It made for a pretty long day, but at the end of it I survived and came home to my nice warm bed safe and sound.

Today is going to be a completely different challenge though as we move from all the stores being closed yesterday to everyone crashing down the doors for the sales today.  Personally, I haven’t yet seen any sales advertised that I am willing to go and endure the lineups in the stores.

If you are planning on going out shopping today, here are my survival tips:

  1. Make A Plan:  Look on-line to see what stores are selling the items you actually need to purchase and see where has the best price.  That way you can figure out the best route and avoid back tracking in the congested traffic.
  2. Check the Original Price:  A lot of sales happening today are only a $150 off, if not less.  It could be worth the convenience of paying the regular price tomorrow to avoid the headache of Boxing Day Shopping today.
  3. Order Online:  If you can be patient for a few days, you can certainly save some money today by taking advantage of the online boxing week sales.  It will of course mean you’re likely going to be waiting until after the New Year before you get to start enjoying your exciting new purchase.
  4. Make Sure You Can Afford It:  Christmas just happened and for most people that means burning a hole in your wallet.  Don’t make any purchases for a great price that are going to mean going without food for the next three months while you try to pay it off.
  5. Have Fun and Be Polite:  This one should come without saying, but I am sure that we will hear of all sorts of huge battles going down in the stores over the last sale items on the news tonight.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas (or whatever holiday your family chooses to celebrate) with your friends and families.  I’m looking forward to seeing my family later this evening.

Until then, have an amazing day and go be kind out there!  Don’t forget to checkout my YouTube Video for more fun adventures:

Pop into Spring with a Spring Pop Up Shop


Oh my goodness, it is officially spring!  I am only about a week late on my realization that winter has left and we are into a wonderful new exciting season. I wasn’t planning on writing a new blog until April 1, but I found out that one of my friends is going to be hosting an event that I have to share with you. 

Tomorrow, my friend David from The Sweet Pear is going to be sharing his goodies with the world by selling his baked goods at the one day Spring Pop Up Sale at 539 St. Mary’s Rd in Winnipeg. He has promised brownies, cookies and French Macaroons. I’m really excited to get myself some fresh delicious treats. Don’t worry, I am an only child and won’t feel the least bit guilty about not sharing them with you. 

In addition to baked goods, you will find fashion stylings from Style My Dreams by Jackie Asava-Anderson and Greenwood Naturals natural beauty & home products. Come down between 10:00am until 3:00pm. I am really excited to see everyone down there and supporting these three wonderful businesses. 

Slowly getting my life organized


I have been procrastinating the task of organizing the office for far too long, but I am finally starting to get caught up. The overwhelming sea of random papers, receipts, and personal documents is finally starting to look like organized chaos.

Since moving back to Winnipeg last April, I have been avoiding organizing all of the papers that have accumulated like the plague. Now that 2015 has rolled around, I had to make it a priority to get caught up on all of it because I hate trying to sort stuff into months, let alone years and months.

I am infamous for saving all my receipts though for everything from $2.36 for my coffee and muffin from McDonald’s to the receipts for actual purchases that might need to be returned at a later date. I have had various issues with credit cards billing me incorrectly for purchases, and the only way to get the transaction reversed was to provide a copy of the original transaction receipt. Ever since then I have kept all of my documents to be able to refer back to on the off chance that there is a billing error.

Keeping on top of sorting and filing is the key to making any organization system manageable. As soon as I start to fall behind, getting motivated to catch up becomes a very daunting task.

Do you keep your receipts and reconcile them against your monthly credit card statements?

Not a thing to do!

I slept in! This is amazing. I managed to sleep until 06:18am this morning. I haven’t slept in past 05:30am in what feels like months! I feel like I am the only one that appreciates how big of an achievement this is.

Today is the first day of the winter schedules for Winnipeg Transit, which means that, as drivers, our shifts have also changed. I am officially no longer a spare operator and have my own regular work. I managed to sign nice late start times in the morning which will hopefully assist with the return of my social life past 7pm.

Yesterday was an awesome last day of being a spare driver though. I scored a straight shift (same bus for my whole shift) on the 15 Mountain- Sargent bus. It is one of the busiest routes, but that definitely helps to make the day go by faster. It was exceptionally busy yesterday with everyone out shopping. I can only say that there was no lack of stories that came out of those 8 hours, but it was a great shift that flew by.

Before going into work, I had time to meet up with my friend Clif for breakfast. I was running super tight on time. We went to 2 Kelly’s restaurant in Fort Garry Place. They were so accommodating and rushed my breakfast so that I could make it to work on time (I also ordered the fastest easiest breakfast they could make to accommodate rushing). Breakfast was amazing, and it was great to spend it with one of my best friends (who even spoiled me by paying for breakfast). However, running on a full stomach to go catch the bus I was supposed to take over was quite painful, but I made it on time with two minutes to spare.

I’m off today and have NOTHING on my calendar which is really exciting. I’m sure that will change when I get bored of watching old episodes of Gossip Girl in about two hours. Until then, I am going to enjoy my coffee and relax on the couch curled up in my warm blanket. Unfortunately, someone forgot to pick up milk yesterday like they said they were going to. I used all the milk in our house in my first cup of coffee, and now have to wait for the stores to open so I can have more caffeine.

Hope you have as great of a day as the day I have planned!

Four more epic shopping days left…

1507801_10152572889677817_1583107785695146969_n‘Twas the last four shopping days until Christmas and the rush is on to pick out the perfect gift for the last few people on your list.  However, if you are like me, it is four days until Christmas and the rush is on to start shopping for anyone.  Talk about leaving things until the last minute.

Unfortunately, I have to work today and won’t be able to take part in the mass chaos that is the very last Saturday before Christmas presented by all the shopping malls near you.  I am not even looking forward to being anywhere near a shopping mall today driving as people forget all sense of safely while operating their vehicles and are far too busy rushing from store to store grabbing the few remaining gifts off the shelves.

I have tried several times to start Christmas shopping, but I find it such a challenge to pick out the perfect gift for people who already have far more than what they actually need.  I am guilty of buying gifts all year round when I see something that a friend or family member wants/needs.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience to hold on to things until their birthday or Christmas to wait to see their excitement about the perfect present I have found.

So, thus far, all I have accomplished is wasting several hours walking around the malls getting increasingly frustrated with the people that have taken Christmas gift giving way too far.  I am also extremely disappointed with how few people have put up Christmas lights and yard ornaments which hasn’t helped fuel my Christmas joy.  Now I am also guilty for not having lights, but in my defence, there are no plugs on the outside of this old house.  I suppose that should be added to the “honey-do-list” for next summer.

Needless to say, I am going to spend this holiday faking some Christmas spirit and braving the malls on Monday trying to find some sort of gifts for the important people in my life.  This feels like a recipe for an epic holiday disaster.  Please, for the sake of my sanity, leave some stuff on the shelves this weekend for me to pick from on Monday.  Happy Gift Hunting!

Why doesn’t it look like the picture?


Last night, I came home from work to find that Mike had purchased more furniture.  This time it was a dresser to match the night stands he had purchased last week.  I have to admit, I am rather shocked because this is now the third piece of furniture from IKEA that he has decided to tackle on his own.

In our relationship, he tends to be the one that enjoys shopping, decorating, and leaving the purchases on the “Honey Do…” list.  I certainly enjoy working on these projects that he brings home because they have all the necessary parts and instructions in one convenient box for me to start, build, and finish without having to search for more than a few random tools that they didn’t include in the box.

However, over the summer we moved into a house that is 102 years old. As a result, my “Honey Do…” list has been feeling quite overwhelming.  From plastering, painting, demolishing, and landscaping, I have been struggling to get motivated to keep working on projects because there are so many left to complete.  The next major project is going to be finishing the basement and insulating the attic as it is getting quite cold here in Winnipeg.

When the new furniture made its way into our home, I assumed that it was also going to be added onto my list, but to my pleasant surprise it wasn’t.  I am thoroughly enjoying watching Mike sitting on the floor surrounded by random parts that are “poorly labeled” and “don’t look like the pictures at all.”

As I have been watching him, I began thinking about how life has a lot of poorly labeled parts and in the end looks nothing like the pictures of what I thought life was going to turn out like.  After a bit of a struggle to get all the pieces to fit together though, there always seems to be something beautiful that emerges out of all the blood, sweat, and tears that have been invested into it.  I have a lot of amazing people in my life that make up the pieces to my wonderful world and it is awesome.