What Day Is It?



I bet that none of you are going to be able to guess what today’s blog post is going to be about…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!…pretty original right? In fact it is so original I actually just copied and pasted this introduction paragraph from last year because it happened to apply to this year yet again.

It also is kind of a special blog for me as this will be post number 150!  YAY for crossing yet another milestone.

Yesterday, as I scrolled through my friend’s Facebook pages I noticed a very common theme. I came across comment after comment from people saying how 2015 wasn’t such a great year, but it wasn’t bad either. It made me stop to reflect on my year and I began wondering what my overall feelings of the past year. There were a lot of changes in my world, and since I have the memory of a gold fish, I decided to go through my massive collection of photos to recall all the crazy things that happened.



As with every January, I started off with my resolution of blogging more, but as we saw that didn’t last very long. I did however pick up a new hobby of knitting.


Mike and I also struggled with our mouse invasion and started setting up traps to try and evict our unwanted house guests.



Winter here gets so incredibly cold that the Red River freezes over completely. My family started off the celebration of my aunts birthday with brunch at the pop-up restaurant in the middle of the river.


I also moved from knitting to crocheting as my crafting hobby grew and learned how to make slippers. I also finished off the month by getting hurt at work and ended up stuck in the house for the next six weeks.



Since I was unable to walk due to my injuries and had a lot of free time on my hands being off work, my crafting hobby moved up to a whole new level and I tackled my first baby blanket with matching baby hat which I gifted to Sarah and Jeff for their new little one.


About half way through the month, I decided to move back out to the farm with my parents. It was awesome to spend some time with them and be able to cuddle Oskar, my puppy, every night.



I was finally able to return to work again progressing through reduced hours all the way up to full shifts as my body healed. As much as I complain about my job somedays, I sure am grateful for it cause overall I love what I do. Crafting became a much more slow process as I had much less free time, but I started on a full size afghan for my bed.


April also brought with it springtime and the opening of the BDI (Bridge Drive-In) which meant the start of ice cream season.


The snow had melted early and it was awesome to be able to enjoy all the outdoor activities.



I moved in with one of my best friends as being an adult living with my parents so far away from the city started to become tiresome. Shannon’s daughter had moved out and it was an awesome opportunity to move into the newly vacated space.


Being single and having made a series of poor life choices, I finally hit my financial breaking point and had to make major changes. I said goodbye to my car and turned it over to the bank and have been carless since.




June started off with my birthday which this year was planned to be incredibly low key. Shannon, her brother, and Mama Mike kidnapped me to took me to the Half Moon out in Lockport, Manitoba.


We had an amazing lunch together before we headed over for cake and a bonfire at Cori and Richard’s place. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends in my life that organized such a wonderful surprise day for me. June also marked the 100th subscriber to my blog (which really isn’t that big of a number when you look at most blogs, but it is still a huge blessing to know that 100 people have decided that my writing is worth actually following).



June also is the month which we celebrate Pride. Shannon and I made Rainbow Jello Shooter Cake, but our annual before the parade brunch didn’t happen this year because I wasn’t hosting it (remind me that I am hosting brunch again next year). Shannon and I headed down to the parade anyway and had an awesome day together.


I also started playing with my camera more and spent more time making videos for YouTube. I finished off June catching poison ivy. That was probably the worst part of my year because it was so incredibly itchy and took so long to heal.



I celebrated Canada Day (July 1) with Shannon and her family. We went over to her mom’s place to watch the fireworks from the top floor of their high-rise apartment.


I also enjoyed the Bridge Party at The Forks with Jason, Jesse, Crystal, and some other friends which was a lot of fun spending the day hanging out on the bridge listening to awesome music.


Then I broke my head open by running into a concrete beam. I ended up with a pretty bad concussion and spent most of my summer feeling way less smart after injuring my brain. That resulted in more time off work which meant the perfect opportunity to make another baby blanket as I found out my friend Mandy was expecting a new family member.



Apparently in August I developed a bit of a gambling addiction! Just kidding, I apparently had a whole stack of lotto tickets that I never checked. As it turns out, I actually won almost $100 on one ticket so that was a pretty awesome way to start the month.


Then I went out to Calgary, Alberta to celebrate Jayme’s bachelorette party. It was awesome to see her and Tim and make some more new friends. We had a crazy weekend together and it brought back a lot of awesome old memories about living in Calgary the first time round.


Shannon and I also couldn’t miss out on Folklorama which is the opportunity to celebrate all the different cultures in the world. Patrick, Tom, Adam and I also went to a few different pavilions later that week. August also ended with the beginning of the busiest time of year for volunteering for the board of Reel Pride as we started kicking everything into high gear for the annual film festival.



I can’t go a year without putting a 12 inch wiener in my blog at least once, and thanks to Mama Mike and a late night drive to Skinner’s out in Lockport, that mission was fulfilled.


Reel Pride celebrated their 30th Anniversary of incorporation this year and thanks to Fame Night Club we had an amazing pearl themed birthday party to mark the occasion with the most amazing birthday cake from Chocolate Zen Bakery.


Then I headed back to Calgary to visit Austin who has become a great friend and we had an amazing weekend doing things that I hadn’t done when I lived there like checking out Telus Spark and going to the Home Show at the BMO Centre.



Moving into October, I enjoyed two weeks of vacation from bus driving and spent two weeks volunteering to get all the last minute details organized for Reel Pride. The film festival was amazing and our programming committee selected some amazing films to feature once again this year. I am so excited to see what they come up with next year.


I also had the opportunity to host David C. Jones and Paula Stromberg, two amazing short film makers who came from Vancouver to participate in the festival. It was awesome getting to be a tourist in my own city with them and enjoy eating at some of the fantastic restaurants we have here and touring the Manitoba Legislature, The Forks, and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.



Patrick and I started out November with a road trip to the Whiteshell Provincial Park. We enjoyed an awesome snow-free day taking pictures of the amazing scenery provided by the park. November also marked for me an entire month of daily vlogging which felt like an awesome achievement to have accomplished. I feel like we were also extremely lucky last year as it didn’t snow until late November, which combined with the early spring resulted in a pretty awesome summer.


Since I spent so much time vlogging, there is a definite lack of pictures to share with you for this blog, but you can check out my YouTube Channel to keep up with my adventures there as well.



After taking a month off from Reel Pride, it was time to step-up and start getting ready for next year. One of the biggest changes next year is the fact that we are probably loosing the Gas Station Arts Centre due to renovations. I took on the project of starting to scout out new venues for the board so that newly elected board at the Annual General Meeting in January will have the opportunity to have a confirmed space booked for the festival.



I also finished one of the best kept secrets I’ve managed to pull off which was a hand made afghan for Brent and Chris as their Christmas/Wedding gift that I haven’t given them for the past two years. Between having to make sure all the pieces were hidden when they would visit and resisting the urge to post pictures about it, I managed to surprise them and I hope that they really liked it. I also decided to go back to knitting as I was getting bored with crocheting after doing a few large blankets.

Probably the most exciting part of 2015 is fact that I have moved into my own apartment solo back in Downtown Winnipeg. It was a little unexpected, but the opportunity to rent Mike’s condo popped up and I jumped at the chance to have my own space.


I worked Christmas and Boxing Day, but enjoyed the traditional Boxing Day family dinner out at the farm with my extended family which is one my favourite part of the holiday season. New Year’s Eve was shared with Tracy and Sarah for Prime Rib Dinner at Club 200 for “One Night in Bedrock.” Unfortunately, I didn’t last until midnight as I am suffering from a bit of a cold and decided to go to bed early.

All things considered, 2015 was a pretty amazing year. There were absolutely highs and lows, but I have come to appreciate all the amazing people in my life so much more over the past year and can’t wait to make more amazing memories with all of you. Until then, have an amazing New Year’s Day, Happy 2016, and don’t forget to be kind out there!

I’ve become a hunter


Actually, calling myself a hunter is probably the wrong word. I have become a trapper, and I think I’m getting pretty good at it to. Either that or there are just that many animals in this house that trapping them is becoming really easy.

The fight with the mice in the house has been going on since October. We have tried using poison which they made a mess of the pellets by scattering them all over the kitchen. Even after all the poison was consumer, we still had mice.

We borrowed a cat from my parents which provided some temporary relief from the mice. This cat came from the farm and was an experienced barn cat and experienced mouse hunter. However, her hair was getting everywhere and her need to meow every time she moved was incredibly annoying. Needless to say, the cat got returned.

I then invested in a no-kill mouse trap. It has been laying out for about two weeks and didn’t catch anything. I got tired of being disappointed by checking an empty trap and forgot about it.

This weekend, we we’re walking through Wal-Mart and bought a few glue traps. I went about laying them by all the heat vents because we have discovered that they are using the pipes as their own personal network to travel through the house. Saturday night, a big one got stuck to the glue trap in the kitchen. This was our first successful trap.

Sunday morning we checked all the traps after our renewed sense of accomplishment in making a successful catch. We started by checking the glue traps and they were empty. We checked the forgotten about no-kill trap and discovered another mouse inside. I have now learned that the trap itself doesn’t kill the mouse, but if you leave the mouse trapped inside it will die. Who would have though?

We tossed out the dead mouse, reloaded the trap with peanut butter and set it back into the same spot in the kitchen. Nothing was caught during the day which was kind of disappointing, but I suppose that they would be in hiding if they heard us moving about the house.

As I was making my coffee yesterday morning, I saw something move by the no-kill trap. I looked harder and realized that there was a new mouse trapped inside again. It is so satisfying to finally be getting the mice out of the house, even if it was only three.

I’ve never had to deal with rodent infestations before because we have always had a cat in the house. This is a new problem for me, but it is exciting to have finally found some sort of a solution.

Have you ever had rodents take up residence in your house? How did you get rid of them?

Should it match the sofa or the drapes?


The temperatures have dropped, the snow has fallen, and the mice have built their home within our house. However, after numerous requests for them to start contributing to rent and to stop eating our food, their lack of compliance has resulted in a full fledged war.

I put out two different types of poison traps which has appeared to reduce the number of mice we have seen, but there is still some rodents in the walls that we can hear randomly. As a result, we have discussed inviting a new family member into our army to help solve our mouse invasion.

After doing some errands last night, I convinced Mike that we should stop by the Winnipeg Humane Society to look at cats. To be honest, I was more interested in the adorable dogs, but I was quickly informed that a dog was certainly not an option for our family at this point.

We wandered around and, I suppose it is a good problem to have, we were disappointed with the lack of selection of cats seeking adoption. There was a decent selection of short haired adult cats, but Mike is being very particular in his desire for a long haired feline. The only long haired cat that we found was a 2 month old grey kitten. While it was cute, we decided to sleep on it before committing to adopting a pet.

Once we returned home, Mike spent the rest of the evening searching the internet for a cute kitten to adopt. I am struggling to understand the criteria he is using to determine which kittens are cute and which ones are not. I feel like if it matches the paint scheme it is deemed to be cute, but if it clashes with the curtains it is not cute.

Do other people decide which animal to adopt based on how well they will match their household decor? Stay tuned to find out which feline he decides best matches our sofa and drapes.