Guilty or Not Guilty?

I was out mowing the lawn the other day and was reminded of this news story I heard about from Winnipeg. This man is being charged by the City of Winnipeg for not cutting the grass on the boulevard in front of his property.

See the news report and read the whole story here: Winnipeg man heads to court in grass-mowing dispute

I think that there are two interesting parts to this story. The first is the fact that the guy doesn’t own a lawn mower because he doesn’t have a lawn. Is the city able to force him to purchase one to cut the city property?

The second part of this is the location of the sidewalk. The City of Winnipeg owns roughly the first 6 feet of everyone’s property. As a result, the sidewalk is constructed away from the road creating a safety buffer for pedestrians (because Winnipeg has the best drivers in the world). If a homeowner chooses not to have a lawn such as this case and replaces their lawn with rocks, would they be allowed to replaced the grass on the boulevard?