A Long Overdue Blog and a Happy Earth Day


I feel like I don’t even remember how to sit down and write a blog. It has been such a long time and there have been so many changes in my life I don’t even know where to begin. 

I guess I should start with the thing that is still the same since most of you will think that this is the first thing that I would change. I haven’t changed jobs and am quickly approaching my one year anniversary of driving a transit bus.  I am really happy and don’t see that changing anytime in the near future. 
The biggest change that has happened in my life is the separation of me and M.  After four years we have officially separated (again). As a result, I have moved out of our home and have become roomies with one of my very best friends. I have spent two nights in my new home and it has been great so far. 
Since my last official blog, I have been living with my parents who thankfully were able to provide me accommodations through the rough period of the initial separation. My parents and I have had our challenges in getting along in the past, but this time I would describe the past month of living with them a blessing. I have realized how precious time is and how quickly it passes by. I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to spend time with my parents while they are still young and healthy. 
As I mentioned earlier, I moved in with my friend S at the beginning of this week. I was really nervous about learning how to share my living space with a friend and uncertain about how me intruding on her living space was going to go. However, we have made it through two days together and so far we am adapting well, but I can only speak for my views of the situation. 
I have also switched back to driving the late night buses at work. It is wonderful starting work after 3pm, but it would be even more wonderful if my body would adapt to sleeping in past 10am. I’m sure with time the change will take place, but until then I am having to schedule afternoon naps into my day to make sure I am well rested for my work shift. 
I think I have briefly summarized all the major highlights of the last little while in my life. I am really enjoying focusing my energy into positive changes and striving to become more aligned and focused on my values and goals. One of my goals that you’ve probably noticed me struggling with has been writing and maintaining my blog. I am looking forward to adding the change of writing to my life and making it a much higher priority than I have made it over the last while.
I think that is where I am going to end my blog today. There are many more stories to come so stay tuned. Happy Earth Day!

Where has the time gone?


My goodness life has become busy and chaotic for me. It has been so long since I have time to sit down and write that I am actually not sure where to begin with the changes in my life.

I guess I shall start with the fact that it is no longer just me sleeping in my bed. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of moving my boyfriend Mike to Calgary from Winnipeg. We had a lovely party with our friends on Thursday evening. Thank you so much to Kim for opening her home, yard, and pool for us all to share a wonderful evening together before I stole Mike away from the city.20130812-203837.jpg

Thankfully, two weeks after I posted the ad, we were able to sign the lease on his condo and rent it to a lovely young couple that have “a fat old cat.” They will be moving in October 1 which gives us the time to finish the renovations that have been going on for far too many months. It is all beginning to take shape and actually looks like the home that we both dreamed that it would have become for us to share. However, we are now sharing a new adventure in the west and hopefully the new tenants will enjoy as many memories as we have enjoyed there together.20130812-203917.jpg

We took last Friday to finish up some random projects before heading over to Club 200 for happy hour with the gurls. I haven’t had the chance to attend as many Friday afternoon beverages with them as Mike has, but none the less it was wonderful to see everyone before hitting the highway.

Saturday morning the alarm clock woke us at 6:00 am to pack the car prior to meeting Mike’s parents and grandmother for breakfast. I was shocked at how few tears actually were shed by everyone.  I would have put money on it being quite a tear jerking “goodbye for now.” One of the perks of working in aviation is that we can travel back to Winnipeg as often as we like.  We then made a quick stop at Safeway to get road snacks for Mike and KUB rye bread for my friend Jeff (Winnipegers and their food) which, to my pleasant surprise, was on sale.


It never ceases to amaze me at how long of a drive it is across the prairies, but it was much more enjoyable with a driving buddy as we were able to trade off, nap, talk, and point out various attractions to each other. Mike and I are complete opposites though when it comes to the preferred portion of the drive. I much prefer the portion between Winnipeg and Regina as it is shorter and I think there is much more to see as there are small towns and more farms. Mike, on the other hand, prefers the portion of Regina to Calgary as he enjoys the beauty of the rolling hills.

Mike also completed the first day of flight attendant training today. I am very excited for him as he starts his new adventure ironically the same day that I started my adventure in Calgary 365 days ago. I can’t wait to see where this new opportunity takes him, but I am pretty sure the sky is the limit.


Oddly enough, on his first day of work is the same day that I have handed in my resignation for my current position as a flight dispatcher. I am very excited to announce that I will be starting with another larger airline as a flight dispatcher starting on September 3. I can’t wait to start the 6-week classroom training program for them as I will have the opportunity to do international flights as well as ETOPS (extended-range twin-engine operations or in much simpler terms flights over large bodies of water).

That is all that I have time to update you about now, but I promise that there are many more stories to come. Hope everyone is well and having an awesome day!

All the little things


Anyone that lives in Canada can surely come up with at least 20 jokes about Winnipeg in under 10 seconds, and most young people here have dreams of making their expedient escape.

I am quickly approaching the 1 year mark of having made my exit, which was less of an escape and more of a pursuit of my career. I have spend the last week in Winnipeg enjoying the blistering summer sun, and it has reminded me why all these people suffer through the 9 months of freezing winter. This city has phenomenal summers.

So much has changed here as well in regards to how many construction projects have been started here, and for once it isn’t all on the roads. The old gravel parking lots are rapidly disappearing behind construction fences as future buildings begin to take shape in their place.

I never stopped loving this city when I left, but that love has been renewed with this visit. It will be hard to say goodbye tonight as I make my way back to Calgary, but I know I will be back here soon and look forward to seeing the progress this city has made.

EAGLE Urban Resource Guide

My father emailed me a link to a news story from CTV News Winnipeg that I want to share with you today.

Watch the Video Here

I want to begin by celebrating the initiative behind the Resource Guide.  Moving into a new city, especially one as large as Winnipeg can be a terrifying experience.  The challenge of learning how to adapt to a new culture can be very tasking.  The intention behind this guide will certainly help with the transition process.

However, my concern with this news story is the language that was used.  The example used by CTV News in this story is about “When you are involved in a crime…”  This statement would be much different if you replace the word “when” with the word “if.”  Winnipeg has a reputation of being a hard city with high crime rates.  Statements like this do nothing to help that image, especially in the minds of a new resident to the city.

I would like to point out that the EAGLE Urban Transition Centre is working with Winnipeg Police to change the image prior to the guide books distribution.

It is essential that we learn from mistakes made by others to prevent repeating them ourselves.  We should take a moment to reflect on the language we use in order to convey a message.  Using correct words will help reduce the chances of misunderstanding in our daily lives.