Exactly the Right Way to Party

 Yesterday, I celebrated my 29th birthday. My poor phone was exploding with messages from all my wonderful friends posting greetings on my Facebook wall. I am also on holidays from work right now which made it the perfect opportunity to celebrate exactly how I wanted. 

I woke up and was taken by my roomie to get my free birthday coffee from Starbucks and cake pops for breakfast. I always love coffee, especially when it is free. We came home and I had the opportunity to post my birthday video which if you missed it is here

Then I was told by my roomie that I needed to be in the car by 11:30am because we were going for lunch, but she wasn’t telling me where we were going. So I jumped into the shower at 11:33am to get ready to go for lunch (because I’m super good at showing up on time like that).  I managed to get ready in 10 minutes and we headed down to the car and hit the highway. 

So after about 120 million annoying wrong guesses of where we were going, I guessed correctly that we were going to the Half Moon Drive In located about 20 minutes north of Winnipeg near Lockport. It was totally worth the drive, lunch was delicious. It was a super fun surprise and I got to meet her brother and his wife for the very first time. We also got to share lunch with another friend from work. 

We came home feeling incredibly stuffed and had nap time. I think that naps are officially one of my favourite activities in the world. The nap lasted about two hours before we had to wake up, have a quick dinner, and get back into the car. 


We headed over to my coworkers home to have some snacks and s’mores. For those of you that haven’t had a s’more, it is a marshmallow that you roast on the fire and then squish it between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. It is messy and delicious. I have to give my friend C a kudos for finding biscuits that had chocolate already on them so legit got just the right amount of chocolate to marshmallow to cookie. 

Then I was surprised with a chocolate cheesecake for my birthday. It was super yummy and I for sure feel 100lbs fatter today after only one piece. 


I am still planning on doing something on a bigger scale to celebrate with all my friends, but I just wanted a relaxing birthday celebration on my actual birthday since it was my first full day of holidays. 

Thank you to everyone for being a part of making my birthday just a little bit more special. Now I am going to go take my afternoon nap because that is totally becoming a thing.   

Lunchtime Dilemma

Saving money is really hard! Especially since I am the worst at packing myself a lunch. I generally am not a very picky eater, but when it comes to packing a lunch I am way too picky.

I have tried packing myself sandwiches, but I can’t stand the texture of bread after it has had the chance to dry out slightly and it gets a bit firm. I usually end up eating the sandwich filling and throwing out the bread. Then I feel guilty for wasting food.

Salads are okay, but they are too hard to eat while driving. We don’t really get lunch breaks to stop and enjoy lunch on the road, and I have the habit of eating while driving which is probably really unhealthy. Taking leftovers isn’t an option either since I don’t have access to a microwave in the bus.

I know I am making excuses as to why I don’t make myself lunches. I have to take the initiative to go grocery shopping and do some menu planning to make food for the week that I can eat during my split shifts. I also need to invest in a new water bottle (since I lost the last one) which would probably help reduce food cravings.

In the mean time, I am going to sit here at Boston Pizza and enjoy some lunch before heading back to work later this afternoon.

Let’s do the Twist


I am very much enjoying the break that Mother Nature is giving us from the frigid winter weather. Aside from the sloppy mess that it has made of the roads and my pant legs, it is wonderful to be able to go outside for more than 10 seconds without freezing. That being said, time to get on with today’s blog.

I have been eating fast food far too often lately. It has gotten so out of hand that I am actually bored of the menu at McDonald’s. For those of you who aren’t aware, I could eat McDonald’s for every meal everyday…. Oh wait I have been doing that for like the last 10 years. Surprisingly enough, I’m not a million pounds and I haven’t died…yet.

Yesterday, I decided to step out of my usual routine and try something a little healthier. I went to the Twist Cafe located downtown at 392 Graham Ave here in Winnipeg. It was the first time since moving back to the city that I was took time to enjoy their deliciously fresh prepared menu. I decided to order the Pesto Chicken Wrap with a bowl of the Lobster Bisque soup. It was the perfect lunch to add the beautifully warm day that we had.

The Twist Cafe is amazing for enjoying a healthy lunch with a friend, a business meeting over some fresh pastry, or just stopping in for a coffee and a good book. During the summer, they have a small patio to sit outside and enjoy our downtown.

Have you been to the Twist Cafe? Did you enjoy it as much as I always do? Leave a comment below to share your experience. Happy Friday!