All the little things


Anyone that lives in Canada can surely come up with at least 20 jokes about Winnipeg in under 10 seconds, and most young people here have dreams of making their expedient escape.

I am quickly approaching the 1 year mark of having made my exit, which was less of an escape and more of a pursuit of my career. I have spend the last week in Winnipeg enjoying the blistering summer sun, and it has reminded me why all these people suffer through the 9 months of freezing winter. This city has phenomenal summers.

So much has changed here as well in regards to how many construction projects have been started here, and for once it isn’t all on the roads. The old gravel parking lots are rapidly disappearing behind construction fences as future buildings begin to take shape in their place.

I never stopped loving this city when I left, but that love has been renewed with this visit. It will be hard to say goodbye tonight as I make my way back to Calgary, but I know I will be back here soon and look forward to seeing the progress this city has made.

The strength of a community


I had the opportunity to walk though Winnipeg’s infamous north-end yesterday night. I found myself face to face with many different people that walk a much different life than I do.

The area that I walked through is rich in heritage as it was originally settled by mostly Ukrainian families. Many buildings that used to be family stores have been repurposed as houses. The heart breaking part of my journey was how many buildings have been abandoned, vandalized, or destroyed.

However, there are many revitalization projects that have taken place in the northern end of downtown in order to help restore this community to its former glory. It is neat to see that with a little bit of funding, the community can come together to enjoy something beautiful.

What a Week!

Hey Friends,

It has been far too long since I last posted anything. I want to start by saying “I am alive and well.”

I had 7 days off work which I used to spend time with friends. However, that unfortunately left far less time to share the mischief I was causing with you. I apologize and promise to do a better job of including you in the future.

On that note, I want to share with you a quick video of my week. You can watch it by clicking here  or below.

Love ya always,