I survived a month of vacation

The weekend is rapidly approaching and I am falling behind in writing yet again. This time I am blaming it on returning to work.

Having a month off was perhaps a bit too much time away from the desk. I didn’t make any safety errors, but certainly was feeling a little rusty upon my return. It is wonderful how quickly our memory is able to retrieve skills and put them back into use. After a few small errors, I totally am back into the swing of things feeling refreshed.

The night shifts have been a bit more challenging to come back to. My sleep pattern has strayed very far away from staying up until 5am; and wasn’t helped at all by spending the weekend on time zone ahead in Winnipeg.

I had an amazing visit with friends, and thoroughly enjoyed celebrating my gay mama’s 50th birthday with his friends. On Sunday before I left, I also found myself able to enjoy a dinner party hosted by Désiré. Moving away was hard, but being able to take part in some of these events makes the experience that much more special for me.

I am also working on a new video project that you can look forward to being posted on YouTube as well very soon. I just need to take an hour to record the necessary audio component which is missing and then it will be ready to share with you.

I hope you all are amazing as always and I look forward to sharing the pictures from my vacation within the next few days with you. Until then stay fabulous.

Alberta Aviation Museum


This past summer, Mike and I had the chance to tour the Alberta Aviation Museum located beside the Edmonton City Centre (municipal) Airport or YXD.  I found it while I was aimlessly driving around one day while he was at work.  As I passed the airport, I looked over and saw a retired Pacific Western 737 sitting behind the fence and knew that this was a place that we had to visit.


Admission ranges from $6.00 for children up to $10.00 for adults, with discounts for seniors.  The facility features over 40 aircraft ranging in age from old wooden hulled prop planes up to military and comercial jets.


It seems like the common trend in aerosexuals is that they are fascinated by military planes.  However, the Alberta Aviation Museum have a very neat collection featuring various sections and displays.  As you enter the museum, you will find yourself face to face with some of the original aircrafts to fly in and out of YXD.


The displays then move into an entire wall dedicated to the various commercial and passenger airlines in Canada’s history.  With various cabin artifacts from playing cards and napkins to old flight attendant uniforms, this collection is one of the best I have seen so far.

There is also a large collection of various war medals and historical facts from both sides of the Second World War.  They also have restored several military aircraft in both indoor and outdoor displays.

The museum will take between 60-90 minutes to view and depending on the weather, you can also get up close and personal with several large aircrafts located outside the museum.  Groups can arrange guided tours by the volunteers that run the museum.

Is it the Weekend yet?


In the airline industry, the company generally doesn’t sleep. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year transporting travellers where they need to go. As a passenger, you have likely given little thought to all the people that it take to get you where you want to be.

As a flight dispatcher, I can almost guarantee that you haven’t thought about my job. Most people, including people in the industry, really don’t understand what dispatchers do. However, that is a topic I’m going to leave for another post, but I will tell you the easiest way to think about my job is I am a pilot on the ground.

The purpose behind today’s post is to celebrate one of the few times that the middle of my work week matches up with Wednesday for the rest of the world!

After having a lovely two week vacation, returning to work yesterday was exhausting to say the least. I am eternally great full that tomorrow is my Friday and I can enjoy a 4 day weekend after this long 3 day work week. Plus, it is a payday week! I love being rewarded for my efforts and energy with a pay check.

I know that this post has been filled with a lot of fluff and likely didn’t benefit your life in anyway other than hopefully putting a smile on your face. If you have made it this far, thanks for reading my random thought of the day.

Hope you have an amazing Hump Day! Don’t forget, today is a great day to smile!

Stuck Between Two Strangers


As more and more aircrafts roll off the line in a 3 and 3 seat configuration, the battle over the window and aisle now includes the dreaded middle seat. Add to this the fact that airlines are trying to maximize profit and decreasing your leg room, the middle seat is truly the least desirable place on the plane.

This weekend I flew home from Winnipeg and found myself stuck in between two complete strangers. Both people had their headphones on watching TV, so there was no awkward conversations, but I want to discuss the etiquette surrounding how your should treat your middle seat neighbour.

Let’s start with the battle over the arm rest. If you are at the window, your privilege is the great view from 40,000 feet. Located below this amazing view, you will find your arm rest. If you are seated at the aisle, you get the advantage of the extra space provided by the aisle. Look beside you in that large empty space and you too can find your arm rest. Be courteous to your middle neighbour, give them both of the 2 inch wide arm rests. They deserve the extra 4 inches of space for being the meat in your airplane sandwich.

Now that we have wedged ourselves in together and defined everyone’s space, let’s discuss how we are going to keep ourselves amused. In Canada, we are lucky enough that the two main national air carries have individual televisions on most of their aircraft. If television isn’t your thing, you could try listening to music. Perhaps a book is something you enjoy more, that is great, especially if it is on some form of e reader (which cannot be used during takeoff or landing) as it takes very little space. However, a newspaper is wider than the width of your seat. If you are in the middle seat, this isn’t an acceptable form of inflight entertainment.

Finally, we are in the air and had our light snack and sip of refreshments when all of a sudden the seat belt sign will go off signalling your body that you need to go to the bathroom. You look beside you and one of your airplane seat sandwich buddies is sleeping. How long do you resist waking them up before you take a tour of the aircrafts luxurious washrooms? My opinion is that being woken up is the price of selecting your seat. In the age of paid seat selection or 24-hour checkin, avoiding the middle seat is possible if you plan ahead and select your place on the plane.

What is your middle seat dilemma? What do you do to avoid the middle seat?

Hope this clears up some of disputes about space on the plane. Special thanks to Lisa M for this blog idea. You should follow her on Twitter by clicking here.

Happy travels!