I have made my decision

  Hey Friends,

It has been a few days again, but you haven’t missed too much. I have been busy trying to catch up on my responsibilities and haven’t had the energy to sit down and write for a few days. However, after an amazingly productive and rewarding day off, I have decided to sit down and share some writing with you.

I will begin today by confirming with you that I have decided to renew my blog! You’re welcome to cheer or applaud or do a happy dance or all of the above. I have been getting subtle and not so subtle hints from the universe that I am supposed to renew my blog.

We are also coming up to one of my favourite times of the year which is CHRISTMAS! I am slowly starting to get everything ready to go and hopefully will be planning an amazing Christmas party once again this year, but I don’t make any promises yet.

However, before we get too excited about Christmas we still have one more important date to cross which is Remembrance Day on November 11. This is an extremely important date for us to respect as we remember all the soldiers and veterans who fought to protect our rights and freedoms we enjoy today.

Today has been a wonderful day off in which I have enjoyed relaxing and enjoyed some retail therapy. It feels like it has been ages since I splurged on some new clothes so I decided to make my way over to the Mall to get myself a little something new. I think it is really funny how some stores run perpetual sales which in my opinion doesn’t really make it a sale. That being said, the marketing worked as I decided that I needed a new sweater since it is getting way too cold for just T-shirts.

I’m now going to curl up and watch a movie and take a nap just because I can. Have an amazing day.

Love Always,