Early Mornings Ruin Everything!


Setting my alarm clock for 4:10am is the worst part about Friday nights. Why did I decided to pick a piece of work that started so early Saturday mornings? On the plus side, my vacation starts at 3:26pm today, but I promise I’m not counting the minutes. 

Last night was “roommate night”. It feels like I never see Shannon anymore because I have been busy with work and Reel Pride, and her daughter was with us this week so she was always off doing something with her. I picked up hot wings from Safeway and we went on an adventure to find some wine and vodka to accompany dinner. It was super fun to finally get to spend some quality friend time with her that wasn’t interrupted by children (even though her adult children still crashed the party). 

I had to cut our evening a little short as I had to work this morning. The piece of work I picked is pretty easy and takes me to Polo Park Shopping Centre. It is hard to believe that it is October 3, we still haven’t seen temperatures below zero, and that there are still flowers out in the flower pots surrounding the mall. 

I’m on my split and going to take a nap before heading back to work in a few hours. I’m only 3 round trips away from 2 weeks of holidays!  I have planned to do nothing except relax which I’m looking forward to. I’m sure I’ll find some trouble to get into, but until then I’m really excited for “me” time. 

Have a great weekend,


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