My Brain Leaked

 I am sorry for disappearing yet again. Life has thrown me yet another curve ball and I find that I have landed back in a bad place where I’m struggling to stay on top of everything. 

I knocked myself unconscious about six weeks ago. I suffered a pretty bad concussion from it and am still feeling the effects of it. It gets worse when I am fatigued and I find that I can’t remember the simple things. It is incredibly frustrating because I like to think I’m a pretty intelligent person, but I am feeling really incompetent at life lately because I’m struggling to remember how to do the things that I used to find so easy. 

As a result, I have not been blogging or vlogging because I mostly lack the mental capacity to remember to grab my camera and start filming or feel like I’ve become so basic that I my life has become irrelevant and not worth sharing. I really need this injury to recover so that I can get back to feeing like myself. 

On that note, I think that it is important that you take a moment to appreciate the skills and talents you have today because tomorrow they may be gone. Take nothing in life for granted because life is an incredible gift and we only get one and it is amazing how fast it comes and goes.

Remember you’re a superhero to someone else so go make a difference in your world!

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