Who Even Reads This?


The time is 02:54, I just walked in the door from work. I haven’t even taken off my uniform yet, but have had the urge to start writing immediately. The strangest part is that I have no idea what I want to write about. I just know that I need to pull some words out of my head because they are clouding my perceptions of reality. 

I was consistently finding a story to share, or some words to post on my blog for about the first week of my 29th year of existence. However, I once again got sidetracked by life and stopped focusing on my priorities. It feels like as soon as one day of writing is missed, it quickly turns into two which becomes a week which becomes so many days that I don’t even remember what happened since the last time I sat down to write. 

One of the last posts I made was brought to my attention by a friend. The comment was made of “does anyone actually read your blog?” It caught me off guard because I have never really been driven by the idea of who does or doesn’t read my blog or watch my videos. I do it because I enjoy being creative, and I hope that as I do it more I will be able to create better and better products. 

I let the comment discourage me a little. I lost my focus about why I do the things I enjoy doing. I enjoy sitting down and writing a blog post. I love trying to take pieces of video and turn it into a movie. I do these things because I want to do it. 

When I don’t post stories, I end up overwhelmed by the many ideas floating around in my head that want a creative outlet, but have been left trapped in my brain. I think I might be rambling in circles because I am tired. I just needed to get my words off my chest. 

Don’t forget, we are all a superhero to someone!

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