Pop into Spring with a Spring Pop Up Shop


Oh my goodness, it is officially spring!  I am only about a week late on my realization that winter has left and we are into a wonderful new exciting season. I wasn’t planning on writing a new blog until April 1, but I found out that one of my friends is going to be hosting an event that I have to share with you. 

Tomorrow, my friend David from The Sweet Pear is going to be sharing his goodies with the world by selling his baked goods at the one day Spring Pop Up Sale at 539 St. Mary’s Rd in Winnipeg. He has promised brownies, cookies and French Macaroons. I’m really excited to get myself some fresh delicious treats. Don’t worry, I am an only child and won’t feel the least bit guilty about not sharing them with you. 

In addition to baked goods, you will find fashion stylings from Style My Dreams by Jackie Asava-Anderson and Greenwood Naturals natural beauty & home products. Come down between 10:00am until 3:00pm. I am really excited to see everyone down there and supporting these three wonderful businesses. 

Gone Missing Again?

I feel like it may be a tad bit presumptuous of me to think that you have missed me, but I sure hope that you have noticed that I haven’t posted anything. Perhaps you thought that I fell off the blogging band wagon, but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, this blogging hiatus has been completely intentional, but not at all planned.  

The truth is that I have recently suffered an injury and have been focused on my recovery. I am slowly starting to heal, but still have a distance to go until I will hopefully be pain free. Thankfully, I have been able to return to work on reduced hours. 

I figured that I should take a moment to check in with you all and say hello. I look forward to being able to find some more adventures in the future to share with you. Unfortunately, the road to recovering my health has been rather un-shareworthy. Hopefully I will find myself fixed up very soon. So far the healing process has begun, but I’m still hurting and not enjoying the ability to do activities that I enjoyed prior to my injury. Stay tuned!