Stuck in the Cold

It is another wonderful cold morning in Winnipeg. With the windchill, the temperature is around -31 degrees celcious (-24F). Sadly enough, I am starting to get adjusted to the cold and -31C doesn’t feel that cold anymore. 

I am not going to lie, I am ready for spring. As much as I hate the mud that comes from all the melting snow, I really miss grass. I am looking forward to being able to lay out in the sunshine and go swimming at the beach. I am looking forward to watching the trees get their leaves and the flowers PPP out of the ground. I can’t wait to see all the cute little squirrels and birds come out of hiding from the cold. There are a lot of awesome things that spring and summer bring that I am really missing this week. 

I haven’t gone on a winter vacation to anywhere warm in two years and I am feeling extremely land locked. I haven’t been on an airplane in almost a year and am feeling like a caged bird. I haven’t even been on a road trip since I moved back from Calgary and feel like I am suffering from a sever case of perimeteritis (a person from Winnipeg who doesn’t leave the boundaries of the city limits). 

Perhaps it is time to start planning an adventure. Even if it is just a day trip somewhere for a drive. I just need something to beat the winter blues. 

What is your favourite part about winter ending and spring starting?

One thought on “Stuck in the Cold

  1. Fireballing Guys In Shorts 🙂


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