Why do I have to do it?

When I was a kid, I always was envious of the adults in my life. It always looked so glamorous to not have to listen to my parents rules. Unfortunately, the grass looked way greener than it actually is. 

Today, I am tasked with the responsibility of cleaning all the dirty laundry. I actually really like washing clothes, but I can’t stand folding them before I put them away. There is something about the way that they feel to the touch after they have gone through the wash machine and dryer. 

My new dream is to find someone to fold my laundry for me. If only there was some way to not have to touch my clothes until I wanted to wear them. I might even be willing to pay someone to do it. Maybe one day I will find someone that can do my chores for me. Until then, I think my laundry is now going to remain in two piles. One side of the room will be clean, and the other side will be dirty. 

What adult chore do you hate doing the most?

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