Have you noticed this hanging around?

It is beginning to feel like summer might soon be arriving here in Winnipeg. The temperature definitely isn’t showing it, but the days are starting to get a little longer everyday and I am really starting to notice.

I think my favourite part about the sun staying up longer is that it makes working later in the evening not feel like I am working quite as late. I have noticed that I am getting to enjoy more and more time driving in the daylight. It is so much more enjoyable as I don’t have to strain my eyes to see into the darkness.

Time for some nerdy facts. Today marks the first day of 2015 that the sun will set after 6:00pm (6:01pm to be exact) in Winnipeg. We will soon be adjusting our clocks forward for the summer to take even more advantage of the daylight hours. I am looking forward to officially saying goodbye to winter in 24 more days. I hope that there are even fewer days until we can start enjoying some wonderfully warmer temperatures that are above the freezing mark.

Until then, I will continue to enjoying watching the sun set over the frozen, snow covered prairie. Winter sunsets are really quite beautiful when I am sitting behind a window in a well heated house. I still have a few outdoor items that I want to cross off my bucket list before this winter dies, but I want a bit of warmer weather to enjoy them with.

Are you excited that spring is right around the corner or are you sad to see winter go?

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