Wellness hits Winnipeg this Weekend

Last night, I had the chance to check out the 21st annual Wellness Expo at the Convention Centre in downtown Winnipeg. It was an amazing collection of exhibits to explore ranging from foods, supplements, natural healing, essential oils, financial planning and chiropractics including chiropractors for your dog.

I started out my tour with a lovely salt and essential oils scrub, then was given a free sample of artichoke hearts which I’ve never tried, and learned about many different supplements and oils that will help to heal various ailments at the cellular level. There were also several demonstrations of various holistic healing and energy balancing techniques.

I was really impressed by the wide range of exhibitors that were at this years show. I definitely learned a lot and have a lot more products to look at and research. It is exciting to see all the different people introducing different ways to improve our daily lives by focusing on different aspects of health and wellness.

I have to say a special thank you to my friends over at the Shaklee booth for inviting me to this year’s Wellness Expo. Make sure you stop by and learn about their lineup of health supplements, natural cleaners, beauty products, and sports drinks.

The Wellness Expo is open Saturday (today) from 10am to 6pm and Sunday (tomorrow) from noon to 5pm. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors. For more information click here.

What did you find most interesting about this year’s expo?

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