I can’t feel my legs

My writing today has frozen over. No seriously, I have hit the ice. Last night, I had the chance to go for an amazing but chilly walk along the icy Red River.

It was pretty surreal to walk from The Forks Market to Fort Rouge in the middle of the river. Knowing that under my feet was a river flowing and in a few short months that path that I walked on will be completely impassable.

It was great to enjoy some coffee and conversations with a friend as we checked out the river trail. The trail is lined by a row of trees which separates the walking path from the groomed skating trail. It was also neat to see the various warming huts in all their artistic splendour. There is also a wonderful art exhibit in a replica of an upside-down York boat which we explored.

The thought crossed my mind that the trail may be poorly lit after the sun set. However, I was pleasantly surprised the visibility was excellent as their is sufficient lighting from the surrounding neighbourhoods.

We only walked a small portion of the trail. I would really like to get my skates sharpened and go explore the entire length of it. It has been a long time since I have strapped sharp metal blades to my feet and gone gliding down the ice.

Have you experienced the river trail? What was your thoughts?

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