Well that’s the end of that

This morning a sad thing happened. As I was driving home after my morning shift at work, I watched my odometer slowly climbing. As I was just about to pull into the driveway, I watched as the numbers rolled over to exactly 60,000KM.

With the changing of one digit, the odometer display brought with it the ending of the warranty on my car. I am now entirely responsible for the cost of all maintenance on my vehicle.

Luckily, I believe that all the issues that I had with my transmission have been resolved and the car has been running great so far. I hope that is a sign that it will continue to be reliable for a few more years without requiring anything more than regular routine maintenance.

My biggest fear is that now that it has reached 60,000KM and the warranty has expired, all the major problems are going to start to appear. I am perhaps just being paranoid, but my last car started to act up as soon as the warranty ended. I am lucky that my father is able to help me out by doing the majority of the repairs on the farm.

Have you had issues with a vehicle as soon as your warranty ended?

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