Stuck in the Cold

It is another wonderful cold morning in Winnipeg. With the windchill, the temperature is around -31 degrees celcious (-24F). Sadly enough, I am starting to get adjusted to the cold and -31C doesn’t feel that cold anymore. 

I am not going to lie, I am ready for spring. As much as I hate the mud that comes from all the melting snow, I really miss grass. I am looking forward to being able to lay out in the sunshine and go swimming at the beach. I am looking forward to watching the trees get their leaves and the flowers PPP out of the ground. I can’t wait to see all the cute little squirrels and birds come out of hiding from the cold. There are a lot of awesome things that spring and summer bring that I am really missing this week. 

I haven’t gone on a winter vacation to anywhere warm in two years and I am feeling extremely land locked. I haven’t been on an airplane in almost a year and am feeling like a caged bird. I haven’t even been on a road trip since I moved back from Calgary and feel like I am suffering from a sever case of perimeteritis (a person from Winnipeg who doesn’t leave the boundaries of the city limits). 

Perhaps it is time to start planning an adventure. Even if it is just a day trip somewhere for a drive. I just need something to beat the winter blues. 

What is your favourite part about winter ending and spring starting?

Why do I have to do it?

When I was a kid, I always was envious of the adults in my life. It always looked so glamorous to not have to listen to my parents rules. Unfortunately, the grass looked way greener than it actually is. 

Today, I am tasked with the responsibility of cleaning all the dirty laundry. I actually really like washing clothes, but I can’t stand folding them before I put them away. There is something about the way that they feel to the touch after they have gone through the wash machine and dryer. 

My new dream is to find someone to fold my laundry for me. If only there was some way to not have to touch my clothes until I wanted to wear them. I might even be willing to pay someone to do it. Maybe one day I will find someone that can do my chores for me. Until then, I think my laundry is now going to remain in two piles. One side of the room will be clean, and the other side will be dirty. 

What adult chore do you hate doing the most?

How do you change your attitude?

Have you ever had those days where everything frustrates you?  Let me rephrase that, have you ever had those days where everything makes you angry?  Nope, that still doesn’t sound right. Have you ever had those days where everything just makes you want to yell and scream and flip over tables?  Ya that was me yesterday. 

I accidentally put on my cranky pants when I woke up yesterday. I didn’t mean to, but I let every little interaction, event, and thing get to me. I chose to have a bad attitude, and it made for a really exhausting and challenging day. Especially since I work in a job that involves working directly with the public. My interactions with the people provide a sufficent number of challenges that are made so much more difficult when I start with a poor attitude. 

I managed to get through the day without yelling, screaming, or flipping over tables. However, it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. I quickly realized that I needed to find my happy place so I made a list of my five favourite things in the world that can always put me back into a better mood. 

  1. All you can eat Sushi
  2. Starbucks
  3. Puppies
  4. Hand made slippers
  5. Cuddles

I find that staying positive can sometimes be so hard when faced with challenging situations in life. Yesterday was a really challenging day, but I came home to find my puppy and we cuddled while I was wearing hand made slippers and sipping on a earl grey tea from Starbucks (yes… I actually ordered a simple earl grey tea).  

It was a pretty rough day that I had to use four out of the five things on my list, but it worked and I went to bed feeling like everything would be okay when I woke up this morning. As it turned out, today is a pretty good day!

What makes you feel better when you’re having a bad day?

Have you noticed this hanging around?

It is beginning to feel like summer might soon be arriving here in Winnipeg. The temperature definitely isn’t showing it, but the days are starting to get a little longer everyday and I am really starting to notice.

I think my favourite part about the sun staying up longer is that it makes working later in the evening not feel like I am working quite as late. I have noticed that I am getting to enjoy more and more time driving in the daylight. It is so much more enjoyable as I don’t have to strain my eyes to see into the darkness.

Time for some nerdy facts. Today marks the first day of 2015 that the sun will set after 6:00pm (6:01pm to be exact) in Winnipeg. We will soon be adjusting our clocks forward for the summer to take even more advantage of the daylight hours. I am looking forward to officially saying goodbye to winter in 24 more days. I hope that there are even fewer days until we can start enjoying some wonderfully warmer temperatures that are above the freezing mark.

Until then, I will continue to enjoying watching the sun set over the frozen, snow covered prairie. Winter sunsets are really quite beautiful when I am sitting behind a window in a well heated house. I still have a few outdoor items that I want to cross off my bucket list before this winter dies, but I want a bit of warmer weather to enjoy them with.

Are you excited that spring is right around the corner or are you sad to see winter go?

Why wasn’t this video covered during drivers education?

It seems like most of young people have gone through drivers education. However, the moment you turn your vehicle out onto the public roads everything you learned no longer applies.

Driving has definitely become a battle of survival of the fittest. I found this video on YouTube and thought it was an extremely accurate educational film on how to drive in the real world.

Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments below.

Wellness hits Winnipeg this Weekend

Last night, I had the chance to check out the 21st annual Wellness Expo at the Convention Centre in downtown Winnipeg. It was an amazing collection of exhibits to explore ranging from foods, supplements, natural healing, essential oils, financial planning and chiropractics including chiropractors for your dog.

I started out my tour with a lovely salt and essential oils scrub, then was given a free sample of artichoke hearts which I’ve never tried, and learned about many different supplements and oils that will help to heal various ailments at the cellular level. There were also several demonstrations of various holistic healing and energy balancing techniques.

I was really impressed by the wide range of exhibitors that were at this years show. I definitely learned a lot and have a lot more products to look at and research. It is exciting to see all the different people introducing different ways to improve our daily lives by focusing on different aspects of health and wellness.

I have to say a special thank you to my friends over at the Shaklee booth for inviting me to this year’s Wellness Expo. Make sure you stop by and learn about their lineup of health supplements, natural cleaners, beauty products, and sports drinks.

The Wellness Expo is open Saturday (today) from 10am to 6pm and Sunday (tomorrow) from noon to 5pm. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors. For more information click here.

What did you find most interesting about this year’s expo?

This is the last thing I needed

Karma finally caught up with me. I have been enjoying my health lately while everyone around me has been fighting various colds. Unfortunately, my turn has finally come and I am now feeling like a sick little puppy.

I booked off sick from work today to spend the day curled up in my nice warm blankets. I am hoping that a day of bed and soup and cuddles with Oskar (my puppy) will be enough to bring me back to good health. I also picked up some more yarn yesterday so I will have something to do in bed to keep me from getting bored.

I hope you all have a healthy day!

Sitting of the House

This weekend, my parents left me responsible for taking care of the farm. I figured that the task couldn’t be that difficult. I grew up there, I managed to keep anything bad from happening in the past. I happily agreed and they packed up and headed east to Kenora, Ontario for a hockey tournament.

I grew up on a grain farm where we grew mostly oats and canola. We would occasionally have random animals such as chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys or cows, but my parents haven’t had any livestock since the neighbourhood foxes had dinner in our barn. Therefore, taking care of my parents farm really isn’t much different than taking care of a house in the city.

My only responsibility was to make sure that the dogs and cats had food, water, and got outside frequently enough to do their business (I think the cat might be running an illegal weapons cartel, but I don’t have any hard evidence yet to support my theory). Heating is also a major concern in the winter up here in Canada to make sure that the water pipes in the house don’t freeze and crack. Luckily, there wasn’t any major snow storms this weekend and the power kept the furnace roaring hot.

The weekend went off without any sort of a disaster. I managed to keep the animals alive which I consider a major accomplishment, and I didn’t burn down the house which I am pretty impressed with. All things considered, I think I might actually volunteer to watch their homestead again in the future.

There was only one issue that I had, the coffee maker. My mom still owns one of these perky, noisy, slow old school coffee machine that has to harvest the coffee beans from Columbia itself, then roast and grind them, then heat the water to the right temperature, all before finally deciding that it is ready to start dispensing my first cup of coffee in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, coffee tasted delicious. However, it would take an entire three minutes to make me a pot of coffee which is completely unacceptable. I really need to bring my mother into 2015 and get her a Keurig so I won’t have to endure the exasperating pains of the prehistoric technology in her house first thing in the morning ever again. That was painful.

Singing up a Storm

It has been a long time since I have been to karaoke. This used to be our thing when I lived out in Calgary. Every Sunday night I would find myself at the local gay bar to enjoy an evening of singing and great company with friends.

I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed going to spend time hearing friends singing until I was recently invited to join some friends here in Winnipeg at our own local karaoke bar. Lime Lite Karaoke Bar located at 531 St Mary’s Road in Winnipeg features karaoke 7 nights a week.

Now I will declare that I am certainly not a singer, but I sure am enjoying making new friends and hearing them share their talents with the audience as they sing up a storm on stage. Lime Lite features a wide range of different songs for people to choose from.

Perhaps one of these days you’ll be able to catch me up on stage, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Until then, I will clap loudly from the sidelines.

Where is your favourite place to sing karaoke?

I can’t feel my legs

My writing today has frozen over. No seriously, I have hit the ice. Last night, I had the chance to go for an amazing but chilly walk along the icy Red River.

It was pretty surreal to walk from The Forks Market to Fort Rouge in the middle of the river. Knowing that under my feet was a river flowing and in a few short months that path that I walked on will be completely impassable.

It was great to enjoy some coffee and conversations with a friend as we checked out the river trail. The trail is lined by a row of trees which separates the walking path from the groomed skating trail. It was also neat to see the various warming huts in all their artistic splendour. There is also a wonderful art exhibit in a replica of an upside-down York boat which we explored.

The thought crossed my mind that the trail may be poorly lit after the sun set. However, I was pleasantly surprised the visibility was excellent as their is sufficient lighting from the surrounding neighbourhoods.

We only walked a small portion of the trail. I would really like to get my skates sharpened and go explore the entire length of it. It has been a long time since I have strapped sharp metal blades to my feet and gone gliding down the ice.

Have you experienced the river trail? What was your thoughts?