I told you it needed fixing

I love how much technology is making its way into my car. This week, my car popped up an error message saying that I had a brake lamp fault. Sadly, it didn’t tell me which brake lamp wasn’t working. I had to jam my snow brush between the seat and the brake peddle to get out and check my lights.

Turns out that the car is actually really smart. My drivers side brake light isn’t working. So I went to Canadian Tire yesterday to pick up a new bulb. The silly part is that they only sell them in packages of two. I guess now I will have a spare, but I always forget where I put extra car parts and will likely end up loosing it before the other one stops working.

So I spent $4 on two new bulbs (even though I only wanted one). Now that it is daylight and I have a day off, I have to put on my handy pants and figure out how to replace the bulb without destroying my car. I assume that it should be an easy enough task that will probably take about two hours to complete whereas a mechanic could do it in about 5 minutes.

It frustrates me to no end to see how many vehicles are driving around with lights that don’t work. Those lights are there to help give other drivers the chance to not hit your car.

Have you checked the lights on your vehicle recently to make sure that they are working?

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