Lunchtime Dilemma

Saving money is really hard! Especially since I am the worst at packing myself a lunch. I generally am not a very picky eater, but when it comes to packing a lunch I am way too picky.

I have tried packing myself sandwiches, but I can’t stand the texture of bread after it has had the chance to dry out slightly and it gets a bit firm. I usually end up eating the sandwich filling and throwing out the bread. Then I feel guilty for wasting food.

Salads are okay, but they are too hard to eat while driving. We don’t really get lunch breaks to stop and enjoy lunch on the road, and I have the habit of eating while driving which is probably really unhealthy. Taking leftovers isn’t an option either since I don’t have access to a microwave in the bus.

I know I am making excuses as to why I don’t make myself lunches. I have to take the initiative to go grocery shopping and do some menu planning to make food for the week that I can eat during my split shifts. I also need to invest in a new water bottle (since I lost the last one) which would probably help reduce food cravings.

In the mean time, I am going to sit here at Boston Pizza and enjoy some lunch before heading back to work later this afternoon.

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