Crossing a Milestone is cause for Celebration


Hurray, we made it to the weekend! Well at least you did, I am currently in the middle of a 7 day stretch at work. However, I get to enjoy Tuesday and Wednesday off so I am quite looking forward to that.

I am excited to announce that today, with this blog post I am celebrating several milestones.
The first one being this is my 100th blog post. It is exciting to be able to say that I have sat down and written 100 different pieces of work. Some of them I am quite proud about, others I have thought about going over and rewriting them to make them more interesting or better reads. Perhaps that is something that I will look at for a future post.

The second achievement is that I have posted a blog everyday for the past 7 days (today being blog number 8 in a row). As I have mentioned in some of my past blogs, I have been struggling to keep focused and dedicated to writing and posting regularly. I am looking forward to this trend continuing for the rest of 2015.

The third achievement is that yesterday I have passed over 3,500 views on my blog. I am overwhelmingly flattered by how many people have taken time out of their day to read my thoughts on different random things. The number of views has been increasing much more rapidly now that I am posting regularly which is awesome encouragement to keep posting. So to all of you that stop by to check out my writing, thank you for your support and I always enjoy reading comments and feedback.

I hope you all are enjoying the great weather and keeping dry because there is a lot of mud on the streets.

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