I finally got the cup!


I believe that I have gone on more than a few rants about how much I hate Starbucks policy of “personalizing” your cup by asking for your name when you order. However, I am going to give you the short version of my rant so that you understand why this is so exciting to me.

Starbucks once said that they wanted to be the third place. The first place being your home, the second place your work, and they wanted to be the third place. My issue is that no one asks me my name at my home, no one asks me my name at work, so I don’t want to be asked my name in my third place.

So when I order a drink, especially in my work uniform, I don’t like having to explain who I am. When the barista asks for my name for the cup, I politely say “no thanks” and that generally is the end of the conversation.

However, yesterday I finally got a cup that said exactly the name I provided. I got my “No Thanks” cup. I think that it was the highlight of my week because I have always secretly wanted someone to write it without being asked.

What name do you provide when you’re asked for your name to write on the cup?

3 thoughts on “I finally got the cup!

  1. You should name your drink and submit to one of the secret starbucks menu apps

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