Slowly getting my life organized


I have been procrastinating the task of organizing the office for far too long, but I am finally starting to get caught up. The overwhelming sea of random papers, receipts, and personal documents is finally starting to look like organized chaos.

Since moving back to Winnipeg last April, I have been avoiding organizing all of the papers that have accumulated like the plague. Now that 2015 has rolled around, I had to make it a priority to get caught up on all of it because I hate trying to sort stuff into months, let alone years and months.

I am infamous for saving all my receipts though for everything from $2.36 for my coffee and muffin from McDonald’s to the receipts for actual purchases that might need to be returned at a later date. I have had various issues with credit cards billing me incorrectly for purchases, and the only way to get the transaction reversed was to provide a copy of the original transaction receipt. Ever since then I have kept all of my documents to be able to refer back to on the off chance that there is a billing error.

Keeping on top of sorting and filing is the key to making any organization system manageable. As soon as I start to fall behind, getting motivated to catch up becomes a very daunting task.

Do you keep your receipts and reconcile them against your monthly credit card statements?

4 thoughts on “Slowly getting my life organized

  1. I keep my original receipts and check my online credit card statement when they post (usually in 1-2 business days). This way I can throw out the receipts when there is a match. Of course, if the item is under warranty, I will keep the receipt in the original box, and write the warranty expiration date on the outside of the box, so I can throw it out when the warranty does eventually expire.

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