I’ve become a hunter


Actually, calling myself a hunter is probably the wrong word. I have become a trapper, and I think I’m getting pretty good at it to. Either that or there are just that many animals in this house that trapping them is becoming really easy.

The fight with the mice in the house has been going on since October. We have tried using poison which they made a mess of the pellets by scattering them all over the kitchen. Even after all the poison was consumer, we still had mice.

We borrowed a cat from my parents which provided some temporary relief from the mice. This cat came from the farm and was an experienced barn cat and experienced mouse hunter. However, her hair was getting everywhere and her need to meow every time she moved was incredibly annoying. Needless to say, the cat got returned.

I then invested in a no-kill mouse trap. It has been laying out for about two weeks and didn’t catch anything. I got tired of being disappointed by checking an empty trap and forgot about it.

This weekend, we we’re walking through Wal-Mart and bought a few glue traps. I went about laying them by all the heat vents because we have discovered that they are using the pipes as their own personal network to travel through the house. Saturday night, a big one got stuck to the glue trap in the kitchen. This was our first successful trap.

Sunday morning we checked all the traps after our renewed sense of accomplishment in making a successful catch. We started by checking the glue traps and they were empty. We checked the forgotten about no-kill trap and discovered another mouse inside. I have now learned that the trap itself doesn’t kill the mouse, but if you leave the mouse trapped inside it will die. Who would have though?

We tossed out the dead mouse, reloaded the trap with peanut butter and set it back into the same spot in the kitchen. Nothing was caught during the day which was kind of disappointing, but I suppose that they would be in hiding if they heard us moving about the house.

As I was making my coffee yesterday morning, I saw something move by the no-kill trap. I looked harder and realized that there was a new mouse trapped inside again. It is so satisfying to finally be getting the mice out of the house, even if it was only three.

I’ve never had to deal with rodent infestations before because we have always had a cat in the house. This is a new problem for me, but it is exciting to have finally found some sort of a solution.

Have you ever had rodents take up residence in your house? How did you get rid of them?

3 thoughts on “I’ve become a hunter

  1. Glue traps are a fucked up way to kill anything. If you have to kill something, don’t torture it, just kill it painlessly as possible. :/


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