Who turned the lights out?


Wait, your Christmas lights are still on! I am usually the Christmas queen over here and would have the inside and outside of my home decorated beyond recognition, but this year I wasn’t feeling this Christmas spirit and we barely even had a tree.

This year it feels like there were so few houses that even put up a single strand of Christmas lights on their house. I don’t think I can be blamed for not getting into the spirit either.

However, we have now passed mid-January and it is time for Christmas to be put away. My family has always waited until after orthodox New Years to use as the benchmark for when it is time for the decorations to make their way back into storage. This year that was January 14, so I think it is safe to say that it is time to let Christmas go to a better place.

I’m not saying you have to climb up on the latter to remove all the holiday lights from your house, but for those of you with large nativity scenes and inflatable Santa Clauses, it is time to brave the cold and dismantle you’re elaborate displays. For the rest of you christmasy folks that just put up lights, it is time to unplug the timer and start saving your electricity.

As for me, I am putting dismantling the Christmas tree onto The “Honey do…” list for today because I had nothing to do with setting it up and I would probably break all the decorations throwing them into the box. It has been up long enough and I still haven’t found any Christmas spirit to go with it.

How long does your family take down their tree and lights display following the holidays?

7 thoughts on “Who turned the lights out?

  1. Blah I guess I could turn the lights off lol


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