How many pennies go in the tank?


I am still amazed by the price of gasoline every time I pass a gas station in the city. I think that this is amongst the lowest prices I have ever paid in my entire driving experience.

While I am certainly enjoying being able to fill my gas tank for less than $30, but I am starting to get concerned about what is going to happen to the economy in Canada if the prices of oil don’t soon return to higher numbers.

This week Suncor announced it was cutting 1,000 jobs. I am always concerned about the state of our nation when companies start announcing job cuts. It is sad that companies must worry about turning a profit and minimizing losses at the expense of our employees jobs and income.

This whole fuel price situation leaves me a bit torn. I am certainly loving saving money at the fuel pumps, but not at the expense of putting people out of a job. History shows that the low fuel prices will be followed by very high fuel prices. So I guess we should enjoy the price break for now, and prepare to start paying really high prices soon.

How long do you think the low price of gas will last?

One thought on “How many pennies go in the tank?

  1. Chill dude price of crude is just economic war with Russian it’ll be back up making the man more. Money once they get Russia to smarten up, as for jobs, concer yourself with the Canadian gov pumping our natural resource to the states ao they can create jobs and give their people cheaper gas while we have higher prices, and the oil came from here lol

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