Let’s get this year started!


I’m actually kind of nervous about what kind of adventures 2015 holds in store. I know that today is only the second day of the year, but it is already proving to be off to a pretty amazing start.

A week ago, I broke my Nokia Lumia 1020 by dropping it not once, but twice. The first time shattered the glass screen and the second time delivered the fatal blow which broke the display. Needless to say it was completely unusable and in need of replacement.

Shockingly enough, I still had my iPhone 4 still functioning in good working order with the exception of a broken home button. I managed to suffer with it for a week, but I reached my breaking point. I gave myself a belated Christmas present and purchased a new iPhone 6. I’m not going to lie, it is really sexy.

I had a tough time deciding between the free iPhone 5S or spending some yet to be earned money and putting the iPhone 6 on my credit card. At the end of the day, I decided to splurge and upgrade to the iPhone 6 because of the better quality camera. It is certainly a nice toy that I probably didn’t need, but I am really enjoying getting everything all setup on it as i start 2015.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a quiet day of relaxation. It has been a while since Mike and I were both off work on the same day with no list of chores that needed to be accomplished. We enjoyed a lazy morning before deciding to go for a random drive. We toured around looking at houses in the Sage Creek area for a while. They are really beautiful homes, but generally have a detached garage that takes up what would be the entire back yard. Then we headed south out of the city just enjoying the scenery as far as St. Agathe, Manitoba. Then turned around and headed back to the city. It was so refreshing to just escape the city for a bit to enjoy the landscape.

Mike’s parents invited us over for dinner in the evening where I enjoyed my very first pork crown roast. It was a very nice dinner enjoyed with the family. Then I was assigned the task of setting up the Apple TV for them which they received as a Christmas gift. This was a little bit beyond teaching them how to use the microwave, but I’m sure they’ll figure it out and enjoy it very soon.

I hope that I can enjoy 364 more days like yesterday, because that was an awesome January 1.

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