Totally Deserved It

As you may or may not have noticed, I have decided to take the last few days off from writing. I suppose that isn’t entirely true, I’ve decided to take the last few days off from posting my writing.

I have been working on several different posts that have taken a bit more time and effort to write as compared to my usual quick blogs about random thoughts from my day. I have also been dealing with a few obstacles in my personal life that have distracted me from completing my goal of sharing my stories with you.

Needless to say, I am not at all disappointed in the fact that I took a short break from posting because I needed a few days to catch up with myself. I was able to enjoy some much needed alone time and do some activities that I just wanted to do without needing to depend on anyone else.

That being said, I am looking forward to sharing some of those stories over the next few days with you. I am also trying to bring some different and diverse posts back to my blog, which is taking a bit of time to get used to adding these activities to my world, but it is a fun adventure.

On that note, I have to sign off for now because I have to go to work. Have a super Saturday!

It’s Officially Finished

I am proud to announce that I have officially finished my first crocheting project. I decided to start with something easy so I tried my hand at making a scarf. I actually think that it turned out not to badly at all.

I know that I accidentally dropped one stitch at the beginning, but I wasn’t too concerned about it as it is only my first attempt at crocheting. I didn’t really make much of a pattern in it as I was just working on learning the skill.

This morning I have started on my second scarf. I have definitely increased my speed which I find exciting since it means that I will likely reach the finish mark sooner and be able to start another project. Perhaps a matching hat to go with my scarf.


I think I enjoy crocheting more than knitting at this point. I find that I can work more quickly and I am able to stop in the middle of a row as it is really quick and easy to pick back up where I started. It also really annoys me to know that I am in the middle of the row when I put a project down. Perhaps that is a bit of obsessive compulsiveness.

I do like the way that knitted projects look a little bit more as the stitches tend to lay more flat and look more organized. My next goal is to learn how to follow a pattern with crocheting. Perhaps my opinion on the look of crocheting will change when I acquire more skills with it.

Which do you prefer, knitting or crocheting?

I told you it needed fixing

I love how much technology is making its way into my car. This week, my car popped up an error message saying that I had a brake lamp fault. Sadly, it didn’t tell me which brake lamp wasn’t working. I had to jam my snow brush between the seat and the brake peddle to get out and check my lights.

Turns out that the car is actually really smart. My drivers side brake light isn’t working. So I went to Canadian Tire yesterday to pick up a new bulb. The silly part is that they only sell them in packages of two. I guess now I will have a spare, but I always forget where I put extra car parts and will likely end up loosing it before the other one stops working.

So I spent $4 on two new bulbs (even though I only wanted one). Now that it is daylight and I have a day off, I have to put on my handy pants and figure out how to replace the bulb without destroying my car. I assume that it should be an easy enough task that will probably take about two hours to complete whereas a mechanic could do it in about 5 minutes.

It frustrates me to no end to see how many vehicles are driving around with lights that don’t work. Those lights are there to help give other drivers the chance to not hit your car.

Have you checked the lights on your vehicle recently to make sure that they are working?

Better late than never

Man this has been a long week, but I finally get two days off starting tomorrow. I decided to take a nap today rather than writing and I think that it was a brilliant idea. However, it doesn’t help me accomplish my goal of writing a blog a day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything exciting to share with you today because I went to bed straight after work last night, went to work this morning, took a nap, and am now back at work. I am really excited to finish my last trip on the bus and get to the garage and put on civilian clothes. I don’t think I have ever been more excited to put on jeans.

Time to go! I look forward to sharing my adventures of my days off with you tomorrow.

Lunchtime Dilemma

Saving money is really hard! Especially since I am the worst at packing myself a lunch. I generally am not a very picky eater, but when it comes to packing a lunch I am way too picky.

I have tried packing myself sandwiches, but I can’t stand the texture of bread after it has had the chance to dry out slightly and it gets a bit firm. I usually end up eating the sandwich filling and throwing out the bread. Then I feel guilty for wasting food.

Salads are okay, but they are too hard to eat while driving. We don’t really get lunch breaks to stop and enjoy lunch on the road, and I have the habit of eating while driving which is probably really unhealthy. Taking leftovers isn’t an option either since I don’t have access to a microwave in the bus.

I know I am making excuses as to why I don’t make myself lunches. I have to take the initiative to go grocery shopping and do some menu planning to make food for the week that I can eat during my split shifts. I also need to invest in a new water bottle (since I lost the last one) which would probably help reduce food cravings.

In the mean time, I am going to sit here at Boston Pizza and enjoy some lunch before heading back to work later this afternoon.

Crossing a Milestone is cause for Celebration


Hurray, we made it to the weekend! Well at least you did, I am currently in the middle of a 7 day stretch at work. However, I get to enjoy Tuesday and Wednesday off so I am quite looking forward to that.

I am excited to announce that today, with this blog post I am celebrating several milestones.
The first one being this is my 100th blog post. It is exciting to be able to say that I have sat down and written 100 different pieces of work. Some of them I am quite proud about, others I have thought about going over and rewriting them to make them more interesting or better reads. Perhaps that is something that I will look at for a future post.

The second achievement is that I have posted a blog everyday for the past 7 days (today being blog number 8 in a row). As I have mentioned in some of my past blogs, I have been struggling to keep focused and dedicated to writing and posting regularly. I am looking forward to this trend continuing for the rest of 2015.

The third achievement is that yesterday I have passed over 3,500 views on my blog. I am overwhelmingly flattered by how many people have taken time out of their day to read my thoughts on different random things. The number of views has been increasing much more rapidly now that I am posting regularly which is awesome encouragement to keep posting. So to all of you that stop by to check out my writing, thank you for your support and I always enjoy reading comments and feedback.

I hope you all are enjoying the great weather and keeping dry because there is a lot of mud on the streets.

I finally got the cup!


I believe that I have gone on more than a few rants about how much I hate Starbucks policy of “personalizing” your cup by asking for your name when you order. However, I am going to give you the short version of my rant so that you understand why this is so exciting to me.

Starbucks once said that they wanted to be the third place. The first place being your home, the second place your work, and they wanted to be the third place. My issue is that no one asks me my name at my home, no one asks me my name at work, so I don’t want to be asked my name in my third place.

So when I order a drink, especially in my work uniform, I don’t like having to explain who I am. When the barista asks for my name for the cup, I politely say “no thanks” and that generally is the end of the conversation.

However, yesterday I finally got a cup that said exactly the name I provided. I got my “No Thanks” cup. I think that it was the highlight of my week because I have always secretly wanted someone to write it without being asked.

What name do you provide when you’re asked for your name to write on the cup?