Warm up with Lions Winter Ale


Last night, I made my way down to Osborne Village to see some friends for dinner. I think that it may have been the longest journey every because traffic was at a complete standstill through downtown. I finally caught up with them at the Toad in the Hole for a beverage before we went for dinner.

I was really excited to see that I was able to order Granville Island Brewing’s Lions Winter Ale on tap. Granville Island Brewing was established in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1984 and boasts the title of Canada’s first microbrewery.

Lions Winter Ale is only available from October to March. I find this beer is a slightly heavier, which makes it perfect to relax with on a cold Winter evening. It is also a fairly sweet beer which makes it great to drink on its own.

Caramel malt aromas dominated by cocoa and vanilla. Complex layers of vanilla, bready malts, toffee, cocoa bean and a slight nuttiness. Moderate hop bitterness gives balance so that sweeter flavours do not overwhelm.

Don’t miss out on tasting this great seasonal beer from Granville Island Brewing. I give this beer two thumbs up! To see their full selection of products, click here.

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