Should it match the sofa or the drapes?


The temperatures have dropped, the snow has fallen, and the mice have built their home within our house. However, after numerous requests for them to start contributing to rent and to stop eating our food, their lack of compliance has resulted in a full fledged war.

I put out two different types of poison traps which has appeared to reduce the number of mice we have seen, but there is still some rodents in the walls that we can hear randomly. As a result, we have discussed inviting a new family member into our army to help solve our mouse invasion.

After doing some errands last night, I convinced Mike that we should stop by the Winnipeg Humane Society to look at cats. To be honest, I was more interested in the adorable dogs, but I was quickly informed that a dog was certainly not an option for our family at this point.

We wandered around and, I suppose it is a good problem to have, we were disappointed with the lack of selection of cats seeking adoption. There was a decent selection of short haired adult cats, but Mike is being very particular in his desire for a long haired feline. The only long haired cat that we found was a 2 month old grey kitten. While it was cute, we decided to sleep on it before committing to adopting a pet.

Once we returned home, Mike spent the rest of the evening searching the internet for a cute kitten to adopt. I am struggling to understand the criteria he is using to determine which kittens are cute and which ones are not. I feel like if it matches the paint scheme it is deemed to be cute, but if it clashes with the curtains it is not cute.

Do other people decide which animal to adopt based on how well they will match their household decor? Stay tuned to find out which feline he decides best matches our sofa and drapes.

One thought on “Should it match the sofa or the drapes?

  1. get a dog!!! Hunty needs a cousin!


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