Its not in me to give!

I am going to start off by encouraging you, if you are able, to make an appointment to donate blood. The supply of blood products to save a life is essential for our medical system.

However, I am getting really tired of listening to Canadian Blood Services radio commercial telling me that blood is in me to give. The policies laid out about men who have sex with men not being able to donate prevents me from participating in the donation process. Therefore, my blood is not in me to give cause apparently it isn’t worthy of the standards.

I find it discouraging everytime I hear that commercial that there is a shortage of blood supplies, but I am not allowed to donate because I have an active sex life with my partner. The debates I have heard on this issue have estimated that one additional contaminated unit of blood could enter the system by allowing men who have sex with men to donate.

I don’t want to discourage you from participating in the donation process. My goal is to bring attention to three issues. First, get out and donate if you are eligible to save someone’s life. Second, CBS needs to reevaluate their policies on blood donation. Lastly, I hate the slogan “its in you to give.”

One thought on “Its not in me to give!


    it has always bothered me that we still face this discrimination and we are no different then straight people when it comes to anal sex, other countries have started to relax on the rules on accepting gay blood so why not Canadian Blood Services….


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