Defying the Limits of Time


You’ve probably already realized today was the end of daylight savings time. I remember as a kid being excited to change all the clocks in the house, but in 2013 every clock in my house has changed itself with the exception of the oven and microwave (stupid outdated technology).

The adjustment of our adherence to the sun’s schedule seems to be a major annoyance. Facebook and Twitter are full of comments from friends who also are unimpressed with the idea of changing the clock.

I decided to figure out who we have to blame for this annoying practise. It turns out that there is actually some logic to changing the clock. The idea of day light savings was introduced to use fewer candles. The practise was not adopted until World War I as a measure to save fuel during the war. One study showed that daylight savings would save the equivalent of 10,000 barrels of oil every day in the USA.

However, why do we switch the clocks back to standard time for the winter. It turns out parents are to blame for that. They insisted that clocks be adjusted back so that their children would not have to walk to school in the darkness.

So my thoughts, saving energy is a really good reason to move the clocks forwards, but I’m still not totally sold on the idea of protecting kids as a reason to bring the clocks back. I would be in favour of leaving the clocks on daylight savings time so I can have daylight when I come home from work. It might make these long cold Canadian winters more bearable.

What do you think? Do we keep daylight savings, or do we keep one standard time, and which time zone do we keep?

If you wanna read more about the origins of daylight savings, check out

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