Getting Ready for the Night Shift


Last night, I had the pleasure of working my first overnight shift in over two months. Now most people think I’m crazy, but I love working nights.

I am not a morning person at all. In fact, I like to compare myself to an angry dinosaur in the morning. However, having my alarm clock set to go off at 3:30am for the past two months has adjusted my internal clock. After waking up way too early, I spent the rest of my day getting to spend 12 hours at work.

I had an awesome afternoon nap to get my body ready for the long work stretch until 5:00am. It was such an awesome, deep sleep that I woke up feeling totally lost and disorientated. After dragging myself out of bed, I went to the fridge and grabbed some left over pizza for breakfast and threw it in the microwave, only to discover that I had just opened the cupboard. Luckily there wasn’t room and rapidly realized the errors of my way.

It isn’t very often that I do something ridiculous, but this made me laugh pretty hard. Have you ever mindlessly put something in a funny place that it didn’t belong?

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Night Shift

  1. I love working nights because I sleep better in the early morning.
    It is easy to get disoriented though, especially if you don’t get ample sleep often enough. One time, after working all night, I stopped on the way home at the 24 hour IHOP restaurant. I was so tired that I accidentally picked up the coffee pot (instead of the syrup) and poured coffee on my pancakes.
    A kind waitress saw me do this and said, “would you like new pancakes.”
    After I had something to eat, I went home and got some much needed sleep.


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