Monthly Update


Hey friends,

I’m not sure why keeping in touch has become such a challenge lately. I have been struggling to find time and motivation to share my story with you.

This past month has been very busy with training for the same job for a different company as a flight dispatcher, bus driving, and moving. Today was my final day of classroom training, tomorrow is my final written exam, and I start the 300 hours of on the job training prior to writing my desk competency check to get my certificate to dispatch airplanes. I am so happy to not be working Monday to Friday, and I have no idea how anyone manages to work such an awful schedule.

I am also loving the feeling of being behind the wheel of he bus again. On Friday I was supposed to do a charter to banff which was unfortunately cancelled. However, this weekend I did find myself driving a hockey team to Medicine Hat and back for a game which they unfortunately lost.

This upcoming weekend is also thanksgiving in Canada which I will not be celebrating with family as I’m working. However, I am planning on cooking a turkey on Wednesday so we shall see if I manage to set the house on fire or not.
Luckily Mike and I have signed the papers for home insurance so our belongs are now protected against my inexperienced cooking activities.

What are your plans to celebrate the holiday weekend?

One thought on “Monthly Update

  1. Come to my Tuesday night writers group. It’s about this sort of thing exactly…time, motivation, and sharing stories 😉


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