Under the Sea… Nope it was only a River


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to drive Calgary’s hockey team to the Saddledome for one of their first games of the season. Unfortunately, they lost, but that isn’t the point of today’s story.


As you may remember, southern Alberta was hit by a brutal flash flood in June of this year. The flooding devastated many communities including downtown Calgary and the Saddledome itself.

I was invited inside the arena to watch last nights game from the zamboni entrance. They opened the game as usual with the singing of the National anthem, but then they did something a little different. They took a moment to remember all those that were affected by the flooding and to remember those that lost their lives in the tragedy.


As I looked around, the announcer continued to tell us that where I was standing was also one of the locations that was greatly affected by the flooding. The bowl of the arena was filled with roughly 30 million gallons of water from the overflowing river.

It was a devastating event in Alberta’s history, and, as I stood looking around at everyone applauding the hard work of all the contractors that worked to restore the city, my heart was warmed by the hard work that everyone has put in to fixing all the affected communities.

2 thoughts on “Under the Sea… Nope it was only a River

  1. Aww.. that kind of got a little choked up at the end… *single tear that doesn’t quite make it out of the eye* Well said!


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