Flying into the Future


Today has been quite an emotion filled day as I said goodbye to my coworkers who have become friends. This was my final day of employment with Canadian North.

It was difficult to end 13 months of employment with an amazing company with such awesome employees. Walking up the stairs for the last time this morning brought me into a reality I wasn’t prepared to deal with at 5am.

This weekend now holds a new adventure as I start training to be a coach bus operator. I’m very excited to be back behind the wheel.

Sunday is moving day into our new apartment. I am also looking forward to celebrating my first Pride in Calgary. Brian is flying in tomorrow from Vancouver for the celebration. I can’t wait to see him.

Shannon is also driving out from Winnipeg for her road trip to the Rockies. I am glad that I have been included in her travel plans!

Tuesday is the beginning of my new adventure with a new airline. I have to make it through 6 weeks of classroom before I get back to flight planning.

Mike has successfully completed his flight attendant training and will be leaving me for the weekend. He has been assigned to walk to Mexico and back twice this weekend.

Hope everyone has an amazing long weekend. Stay safe and HAPPY PRIDE!

3 thoughts on “Flying into the Future

  1. Congrats! Here’s to the future!!! I know you will do well.


  2. Coach bus operator? Like you’ll also be driving a bus again??? How the heck did I miss this when we talked???


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