Are pictures more valuable than words?


There are so many moments that I experience everyday that I wish I could share with friends. As I am laying in bed thinking about what to share with you today, I had the realization that I am really bad at taking pictures to share.

My life certainly isn’t boring, but if you flipped through my iPhone you would certainly be convinced otherwise. It has become a random mash up of one or two pictures of one event that don’t make a coherent story.

I love looking at old photographs and seeing a glimpse of the way things were done in the generations before us. I think that documenting our life in a similar way would be fun.

So to my friends in advance, I’m sorry if I become that annoying picture guy. If that happens, let me know cause this is a learning curve for me too!

I’m excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to share it with you! SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!

2 thoughts on “Are pictures more valuable than words?

  1. I’m definitely a visually-inspired person, so I get what you mean..hope you have lots of fun with your camera :~)


  2. Click away my friend. You have a story to tell with pictures and the world needs to see it. ~blessings 🙂


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