I’m so BORED!


I catch myself telling friends that I am bored more often than I care to admit. I have a large list of things that I would love to accomplish or tackle, but finding motivation to accomplish them is often more of a challenge than it should be.

If you Google the word “Bored”, you will find the following definition:

  • Feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity

It is not very often that I find myself unoccupied, so that clearly isn’t a problem for me. I find more often that I am lacking interest in the activity that I am doing.

My biggest concern with using the statement “I’m so bored” is that it makes me look ungrateful for the many blessings in my life. I can think of many more tasks that would be much less desirable than whatever “boring” task I am doing, whatever the reason for needing to accomplish the given task is be it for work, or as a step in accomplishing a larger goal for example.

The second challenge with using this statement is that I am often using it when I really mean that I am unmotivated to accomplish another task. Admitting boredom is often easier than admitting that I have the undesirable quality of laziness or a lack of motivation to accomplish a task. Ultimately, I am using it as a mask to cover up my weakness.

Do you have a word that you use as a mask do cover up something else that you actually mean because it sounds better, but actually doesn’t match the definition of the word that you are using?

8 thoughts on “I’m so BORED!

  1. Hi Matt

    I WISH that I was bored’, but as you’ll see, I’m not. :(.

    NO motivation whatsoever is one of MY problems too. 😦


  2. I have often heard the phrase “bored people are boring”. While I don’t believe this to be true for you (or many others) I do think there is often a reason why we get bored. Boredom is usually a secondary emotion to something. I would not ask why you are bored or even why you are unmotivated. Instead, I would ask, what is getting in the way from doing what it is you would like to be doing instead? If you have a good definition of things that you want to accomplish or experience but aren’t doing it then there is an obstacle in your way. Remember, lack of motivation is the same thing… it is a secondary emotion. The other thing I might suggest is the power of “I am” statements. When you say something like “I am bored” you have defined yourself as this. Instead I might suggest saying something like “I feel bored”. This removes it from “who” you are and helps our brains to process a solution because it doesn’t feel so defeatist. Apologies, I certainly didn’t mean to provide “advice” so instead I hope you see these as suggestions that you can take or leave as they suit you! 🙂 Blessings and confidence to you!


  3. To Christopher – Speaking personally, two issues that I could mention are the facts that I am a Wheelchair User, & a Depression Sufferer. 😦 :(.

    To Matt – Apologies if I should have left a response to Christophers’ comment to you. 😦


    • Kevin, feel free to check out http://www.ChangeMyLifeCoaching.ca. The guide is on the right hand side. As for the wheelchair and depression, this is about doing things differently, wouldn’t you agree? I have dealt with and overcome depression in my life, as have many others. Some people never do but manage to live full healthy lives… There are advantages that depression sufferers and wheelchair users have. Build on those strengths and focus on them and I’m certain things will start to look up! 🙂


    • No apologies needed. Topher is an amazing person and has the biggest heart in the world. I am sure you’re amazing as well and know that tomorrow is a new day for you to do anything you want with 🙂


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