Self Freezing Soda

I found this really cool video online how to make your own soda slush without any machines!  This is a fun experiment that you could easily do with your kids, and the best part is they get a delicious treat at the end without leaving a mess for you to clean up!

Check it out and look for more videos from Grant Thompson – The King of Random!

EAGLE Urban Resource Guide

My father emailed me a link to a news story from CTV News Winnipeg that I want to share with you today.

Watch the Video Here

I want to begin by celebrating the initiative behind the Resource Guide.  Moving into a new city, especially one as large as Winnipeg can be a terrifying experience.  The challenge of learning how to adapt to a new culture can be very tasking.  The intention behind this guide will certainly help with the transition process.

However, my concern with this news story is the language that was used.  The example used by CTV News in this story is about “When you are involved in a crime…”  This statement would be much different if you replace the word “when” with the word “if.”  Winnipeg has a reputation of being a hard city with high crime rates.  Statements like this do nothing to help that image, especially in the minds of a new resident to the city.

I would like to point out that the EAGLE Urban Transition Centre is working with Winnipeg Police to change the image prior to the guide books distribution.

It is essential that we learn from mistakes made by others to prevent repeating them ourselves.  We should take a moment to reflect on the language we use in order to convey a message.  Using correct words will help reduce the chances of misunderstanding in our daily lives.

Movie Night: The Call

When is the last time that you stayed in and watched a really good movie?  For me, it has been quite some time.  Trying to work, travel, blog, keep up with all the television shows that I am obsessed with, and still have time for friends leaves me with little time to just lay around and enjoy a movie.

If you haven’t seen The Call yet, I suggest you make time this weekend to rent it.  Featuring Halle Berry, this movie kept me on the edge of my seat.  Check out the trailer below and have an awesome Friday!

Announcing New Changes


Hey friends,

I am just waking up in Edmonton and wanted to share with you a new change that I have made to my blog.

So as most of you know I love to travel, but sometimes it can be hard to keep track of where I am going or when I am able to stop by for a visit. You can now keep track of it here on my travel calendar.


I am still playing with some of the features of it and trying to figure out the best way to add in my work schedule. Let me know what you think and I would love suggestions about ways to make it better.

Have an awesome Tuesday and I challenge you to do something you didn’t plan on doing today!

Three days after the disaster

From near normal river levels on Thursday morning, to 100,000 Calgarians evacuated from their homes less than 24 hours later. The city found itself below a water flow at its worst of an estimated 62,000 cubic feet per second flowing down the Bow River.  The photos of this disaster can’t even begin to show the magnitude of the flooding that has happened here in this city.  Going down to the river and listening people’s shock and astonishment as they watched their city disappear around them was life changing.

As water levels are now dropping and people are slowly being allowed to return to their homes, the cleanup has begun.  I want to take a moment to share with you an incredibly moving video from 90.3 Amp Radio.  So many people have lost so much, and I want to express my condolences to the families of the people who lost their lives during this flood in High River, and now in Calgary as well.

If you are able, I urge you to consider donating to the Canadian Red Cross who responded immediately to help people affected by the flood.

Calgary Flood 2013

Deerfoot & Southtland Drive Dog Park

Deerfoot & Southtland Drive Dog Park

Hey friends,

This isn’t how I expected to blog with you today, but Alberta is being devastated by flood waters.  The cause is heavy rain fall from the mountains.  Calgary has declared a state of emergency and many people are being evacuated from their homes.  Downtown Calgary is underwater, but words can’t even begin to describe what is going on here.  The worst part is that it is still raining and we are under a heavy rainfall warning.

Evacuated Home

Luckily, I do not live in a flood zone. Homes as close as 3 blocks away have been evacuated, but I live up hill from them so we should be safe.  Thank you to all the friends that have contacted me to ensure my safety.

People that have evacuated are asked to put an X on their door so that emergency crews know that no one is left in the home.

Take a look at the video below from Global Calgary’s helicopter as they fly over the city.  It took my breath away.

Stay safe and have a great weekend!

Raw Video: Downtown flooding | Global News Video

Glamorous Jettsetters

Many people wish that they could be a flight attendant.  The glamorous lifestyle jetting from city to city all over the world is the dream of many young people.  However, the reality is very different than what you have envisioned.

I recently came across a blog Confessions of a Trolley Dolly, and this post caught my eye.  I think it is hilarious, but I refuse to confirm or deny any of these lies.  Check it out below, and don’t forget to subscribe to their blog as well for more confessions of the sky.

The Top 10 Cabin Crew Lies.

To be a good flight attendant, you also have to be a bloody good liar. It’s one of the unwritten requirements of the job. We lie to passengers from the moment they step onto the aircraft. “We’d like to warmly welcome you onboard!”, no we don’t. “If you need any assistance, please ask a member of crew”, no please don’t. “We hope you enjoyed your flight?”, we’re not really bothered either way, as long as you won’t be writing in and getting us tea, no biscuits with management.

No matter how crap a day we’re having, how much abuse we’re getting from the guests, how much shit we’ve got going on at home, how poorly we feel; or how much we really don’t want to be stuck in that metal tube at 35,000 feet, we will continue to follow the ancient cabin crew mantra of ‘Teeth and Tits’ and smile through our pain and frustrations.

Here we count down the top 10 lies we WILL tell you whilst you, our wonderful passengers, are onboard our aircraft. See how many you’ve already been told.

Cabin crew can normally speak more than 1 language!

International Cabin crew can normally speak more than 1 language!

10) “I’ll come back with more information as soon as I have some”

Which will be sometime never. If it’s a technical issue, do I look like a mechanic? Not in this outfit darling. If it’s a weather related delay, well no I can’t work miracles and make the fog disappear, or make the snow melt. To be fair, your over-worked and under-paid cabin crew are always the last people to know anything anyway, so there’s not much point asking us.

9) “There’s no need to worry, our aircraft are perfectly safe!”

If you ignore the gaffer tape on the wing, the broken overhead lockers, the faulty toilet, the sink in the galley that keeps over flowing, the dodgy air conditioning units above row 31 and don’t even get me started on the broken seal around door 2L. Please don’t be alarmed when you discover that this aircraft is almost as old as Joan Rivers and has done more miles than the space shuttle. Our engineers are not only excellent with their tool boxes, they can also work miracles. As our cabin crew queen Pam Ann once said “We don’t make the same mistake more than 3 times, maybe 4?”.

"Please just ignore the flames billowing from the number one engine, this is perfectly normal on take-off"

“Please just ignore the flames billowing from the number one engine, this is perfectly normal on take-off”

8)“This is perfectly normal”

Well we have to tell you that. If it’s a strange noise, we may never of heard it before. If it’s a funny smell, we might never have smelt it before. And if it’s really bad turbulence, it’s probably the worst we’ve ever experienced too. But no matter how scared we are, we will never crack and our perfect, pearly white smile will NEVER waver.

7) “We don’t have any of that left”

Well, first off all it depends what you’re asking me for. We probably do have it left, it’ll just be on the other trolley or all the way back in the galley, locked in a canister. So unless you get me in a VERY good mood, which doesn’t happen very often, I won’t be going to check for you, so it’s probably best if you just pick something else.

"If it's not on my tray bitch, I haven't got it!"

“If it’s not on my tray bitch, I haven’t got it!”

6) “That’s not a problem

It will be a problem. Whatever it is you have asked me to do to warrant this response, means that you will have taken me away from doing something else; probably going for a well-earned rest, after waiting hand and foot on your fat arse for the last few hours. I’ll be smiling through gritted teeth and counting to ten!

Want to read the rest?  Click Here to see the rest of the list!

Miniatur Wunderland – Hamburg, Germany

I have recently been watching videos of miniature railways online.  In the process, I came across the video below of Miniatur Wunderland and was blown away by this miniature world.

With trains, cars that actually drive themselves, interactive situations such as the ability to create a fire that the fire department will respond to, and a fully functional airport, Wunderland has certainly made it onto my list of places I want to visit in the near future.

Tickets ranging in price from €12.00 for adults to €9.00 for children can be purchased online though the website.

Pride Brunch

For those of you that know me, Pride is one of my favourite events of the year. I think that I get equally excited about Pride as I do for Christmas. Part of it might have to do with the fact that Pride in Winnipeg generally coincides with my birthday.

Needless to say, I don’t believe in doing anything small for Pride. The entire weekend hurt a little, but let me tell you the story myself.