What do you mean to me?


I am the type of person that invites people into my life trusting that they are a good spirit and that they will bring positive energy and amazing memories into my world. I wear my heart on my sleeve and always try to go above and beyond for my friends to provide them with good vibes in return.

Some people have a much greater impact on my existence than others, but everyone that comes into my life seems to leave some sort of an impact.

However, the universe seems to have a cruel way of removing people from my life at different times. In certain cases this isn’t a bad thing, but in some cases it hurts a lot as the pieces in my heart that these people occupied are ripped out and shattered, leaving me to clean up the mess feeling empty.

I’m sure that the universe is trying to teach me a lesson, and in time I will figure out how to fill the void left by these losses. In the mean time, I shall cherish the memories and the lessons that my former friends have taught me and challenge myself to use these empty spaces to construct myself into a better person.

Have you had someone come and go in you life that changed you as a person, changed your view of the world, or challenged you to grow?

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